I'm starting a collaborative journal, I don't plan to write for it much except to post the occasional picture, video, story, etc.

Written in Red is open to anyone who would like to become a writer there but it is primarily a journal for radical/far leftists, anarchists, communists, socialists, humanitarians, freethinkers, freedom lovers, opposers of injustice and oppression, etc. Anything from stories, pictures, videos, reviews, news, commentary, and anything else you feel like posting is welcome. No limits. Anyone interested in writing or contributing to it occasionally? You can even link to posts at your own blog, or others' posts, no worries. Anything goes.

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I might be interested. My blog is pretty much for random thoughts and my takes on news items so I might have some things to pop in every once in a while.

Dawnne, I wish that I had readers to prompt me on, I might get more writing done. :)
Tell me about it, I used to be able to churn out stuff without a care in high school. But then I am very much a different person now, more confident, social and less overtly geeky. I think I have one reader that I know of and that's Nicole at OneAstronomersNoise.

I also need to get my ADD meds reanalysed because I have to really force myself to find the motivation to sit down and do one thing for a period of time.
Well, if you're interested, I need your email address...that's the only way it will let me add authors, sorry!
I'd be interested, my email is rick.price84@gmail.com.
I have two blogs currently:

I'm new to blogging so there isn't a lot there, but I'm working on it.




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