I thought I'd let y'all know that the Bloggers Choice Awards are currently running and we have a severe deficit in Atheist blog presence.

I've already written about this but didn't get much reaction.

Come on people, don't let the Religious blogs hog all the Best Religion blog spotlight. Go in and vote for us. Spread the word high and wide.

We only need 250 votes to overcome the top blog, I'm certain we can gather that little!

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Good idea. It would be nice to have some atheist blogs make it to the top tier, especially since many of these Christian blogs aren't worth reading.
Well then. help us make it happen ;)
The ACP has currently the largest number of votes with 9. It's far too few of course and we need more publicity.

I tried emailing pharyngula to get him to link to the nominee pages (and get the substancial "muscle" of his readership) but was ignored :(
Perhaps if more people email him he'll do it. Dunno but I don't want to mail him again and look like spamming.
Whats his email and site and stuff? I'll email him too.
As much as PZ loves skewing votes, I'd think he'd be into this.
Did you mean to say "I don't think he'd be into this" or did you just word this phrase weirdly?
I think PZ would be into it. Where do you go to vote for the bloggers choice awards?

I found it, and I found Pharyngula there too. Hopefully this link works, but if not, you can search for it. It only has 4 votes right now so beef it up!
The link is linked from my link but here's a direct link :)

Again: If people think PZ can be convinced to write about this, let him know. His email is on his page but he hasn't acknowledged the email I sent him.
I agree! We need to step forward and shove the Fundies out of the way :P

So submit all of the atheist blogs you know and post them here to vote! We're already registered, we can vote for your blog, and you vote for ACP. We really need to push atheist blogs up.
should we be submitting loads of blogs? would it not be better to limit the amount so that the greater amount of votes get counted? if we spread it too thin then we will lose anyway
I don't really think you should submit everything under the sun and the more popular ones are already there so go and vote ;)
If you want to find them, just check where I've voted ;)

However it does not matter. Since you have unlimited votes, there is no chance to "spread too thin" unless people explicitly don't vote on some Atheist/irreligious blogs because they only want their own choice to get ahead.

This however would hurt the whole idea for this.
aha- I just noticed when I went there that I can vote multiple times - thanks




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