I'm new to blogging and am trying to learn ways to get more visitors to my blog. I have been submitting my posts to Stumbleupon which brings me some traffic, but not a lot. I've also received traffic by commenting on other blogs. What are some of the methods you use to get more visitors?

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Thank you!! That is exactly what I was looking for!
Cheers then :)
Don't get in the habit of submitting your own posts to StumbleUpon. You get far more traffic from posts others submit, and they actually penalize those using the system primarily to promote their own content.
Oops, that would explain why I haven't been getting as much traffic from Stumbleupon lately.
I posted some info on effective use of StumbleUpon.
Earlier this week I was reading http://www.copyblogger.com/no-links/ and was surprised to see a mention of emailing other bloggers with similar interests and seeking their help in promoting your blog or a particular post. I've never thought of doing that and am honestly a little put off at the idea. But if it is effective...

Does anyone here ask other atheist bloggers to either repost an article or post a comment on their blog linking back to yours?

StumbleUpon has created some traffic for me, as has Atheist Nexus and a forum I moderate, Volconvo (I link to my blog in my signature). I also link my blog entries to Friendfeed. Using links to your blog in your email signature, especially if you have an account through the same domain as your blog (e.g. the links to my blogs are in the sig I use with jack@radicalatheist.com), will help spread the word.
I was actually wondering about the same thing. It always felt like a bit of a stretch to ask others to link to your content but what I've noticed that it feels much more natural if you first concentrate in building a connection with them.

For example, I've recently been talking with vjack (twitter mostly) and I barely know the guy. After a few of these exchanges, the idea of outright asking him to link to a post I made, does not sound so extravagant.

I think the key is networking
Well, I managed to pick up some traffic somewhere! I just had a post from someone who seems to be anti-evolution:


Hopefully, he will hang around for an interesting discussion

Write about things that are people are talking about (things that are in the news and so on).
Use Google Trends to see what search terms people are using the most.
Have a look at my blog about writing online - there are about a dozen sites on the net where you can promote your blog articles, get extra traffic back to your blog, earn some money at the same time and discover how many non-believers there really are out there who feel no inclination to join in a group but who will support your writing! Is that a long enough sentence? :-)
There's some good info here, but the discussion is pretty old. So I thought I would give it a bump... any old blogging dogs out there learn any new tricks since the last response?

I tweet my posts ( @Tao23 )... not a giant traffic getter, but I do enjoy putting my posts out there for the feedback I occasionally get from my various followers. Hits seem to run about 1-2% of my followers for most posts. You can't overdo it there or you get a (deserved) reputation for spamming, but I find that putting it out twice with the tweets about 12-24 hours apart is generally acceptable.




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