Okay, so this is simple. Let's do something to help each other out. Post your blog or blogs, and try to take the time to visit the blogs of others who post here. IE, at least visit the blogs of the people posting before and after you, so check often. Try to comment! I'll be checking in on this thread and visiting and trying to give feedback to every blog posted. I love supporting atheist and liberal blogs. :)

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Ok, my blog: Blue Linchpin. Opinions on news, politics, religion, atheism, etc.
woofkitty.blogspot.com is actually the home of SAMIZDAT (Russian for 'self published' with connotations of censorship avoidance). Samizdat.blogspot was taken. Opinions on religion, local and national news, uninformed amateurish science commentary, and literature. Mainly religion though.
Will check it out :)
Hey, folks!

My blog is Fundamentally Flawed. I mainly focus on exposing the evils of religious fundamentalism, but I also touch on science, humor, and politics.

Nice to meet you all! I'm always glad to discover new freethinker blogs.
haha great name for a blog!
Very nice. I'm always up for exposing the dark underbelly of the fundagelicals.
Sea creatures scare me. O_O
I have to commend these two blogs in the highest possible terms. Kevin and Eric at The Other 95% both post relevant and often sly commentary on issues related to inverts. (Full disclosure, I was part of the team for a time.) Check out the music by Kevin. Deep Sea News is great, too!
Thanks Mike! You're too good to me ;)

Yvette, sea creatures are your friend!
Ah! So many at once. Give me a bit, a bit overworked tonight.
Hi everyone! My blog is 'The Anatomy of a Coming-Out' I look forward to reading what everyone has to say, and finding new ways to stump the bible thumpers : )




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