Okay, so this is simple. Let's do something to help each other out. Post your blog or blogs, and try to take the time to visit the blogs of others who post here. IE, at least visit the blogs of the people posting before and after you, so check often. Try to comment! I'll be checking in on this thread and visiting and trying to give feedback to every blog posted. I love supporting atheist and liberal blogs. :)

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I blog at Resident Atheist.

Meant to be a list of resources for those exploring atheism or atheists, but also has a blog for commenting on current atheism/ religion issues and articles, as well as the other issues sometimes (e.g. gay rights, humanism). Please give suggestions/ more links if you have any, thank you!
My blog is Pinoy Atheist and I write about atheism in a Filipino perspective.
I have moved my blog from wordpress to a host that gives me more options and a domain. My blog is now at Lone Wolfs Den.net.
I also have a new blog: rEFuGe in RanDOMneSs
I have two blogs. My main daily atheist blog: DangerousTalk.net and my other more news oriented bloggish Philly Atheist Examiner blog.
If anyone is interested in link-exchanging with DangerousTalk.net, let me know.
My blog is A Poet's Manifesto: Random Subtitle Here with the obligatory description I've standardized to: "A Poet's Manifesto is neither a manifesto, nor is the author a particularly good poet. What it is however, is a existentialist journey through history, current events, humorous anecdotes and bad advice. Also, there's a yellow sweater involved."
Hey everyone! I manage the blog http://thenocturnal.blogspot.com. I write about religion and atheism from an agnostic point of view and behavioral changes of people following religion.
ok, my blog

hi. i'm new here.  i started a blog about religion, science, politics, and culture a few months ago, and am interested in meeting more folks who do the same.  some of my posts are very personal, about my transition from growing up in a happy religious household (very moderate and non-traumatic) to living as a non-religious adult and parent, and some of the posts are simply items of interest that i've stumbled across and thought were worth sharing. 


i look forward to checking out others' blogs.  if you are so inclined, you can view mine here: http://www.defshepherd.com/




I like it, especially your recent post on the rapture (or lack of) ... I might have to rethink a little the rapture rant I was in the middle of writing for my blog - don't want to risk covering all the same ground! :)


Good stuff ...

Thank you, Kris. I will check out your blog.  And no problem covering the same ground.  There's much to cover, and a lot of folks have covered the same maddening details, but with different perspectives and insights.  I look forward to checking yours out.
That's true ... 2000 years of human error, we're bound to end up having to deal with the same old crap again and again :)  It's just nice to be able to put one's own spin on things.  Speaking of which ... Whoops, apocalypse! :)



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