Do any of you have experience using article directories or banks to promote your blog? I've never tried this but have been reading about it on some of the big pro blogs. I wonder if our niche is too small to benefit or whether there might be some extra traffic potential here.

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I do promote my articles outside the atheist community and it earns some money too!
I do not use the free directories but revenue sharing websites like Xomba and Infopirate.
Go to On Writing Online for a full list.

I'm glad I came aross this post as I've nearly finished a few articles on making some money online for atheists. I think, given how happy believers are to part with their cash, we need not only a community but a network supporting each other financially too. Just take a look at those fascinating ads!! I know, most of them are for Christians but it means they are paying for them! There's a very funny cartoon about this which I really must track down... the regrets of not bookmarking it!




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