I've been meaning to write this a long time ago and finally got round to it. Here is the original article as posted on nexus: How to Make Some Money From Your Atheist Blog.

I've been doing this for a while now, with both atheist articles and other general stuff. This seems the best group in which to start a discussion. Any questions or, if you've already tried some of the advice, what your experience has been.


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The only way I've ever been able to make money from writing about atheism has been through sites like helium.com and others. There's enough controversy stirred up because a lot of the readers are religious.

The problem with running adsense or something on your site is that most of the displayed ads are going to be religious. They won't get clicks.

So besides my first point, I haven't found a way to make any money writing about atheism!
Thanks for the tip on Helium. I had never heard of that site. Might be worth a try since nothing else has worked.
Yep, if you follow the article and the link to my writing site you'll see lots of other websites similar to Helium.

Thanks Josh for at least verifying that I'm not inventing the whole thing! I'd still keep a blog but you'll get a different audience.

Also, once joining a site it is worth searching other users for tags like 'atheism'. You'll then start off with a small clique of friends.
The link doesn't seem to work.
The link is dead, has it been moved some where?
Well I did ok with Google ads, about 100 to 300 a month at my old blogs height. But the blog followed something with a cultish in mentality and was based on a company I worked for at the time. T-shirts work well, but that involves and upfront cost, as well as the knowledge to integrate a store into your blog, not to mention a certain level of wit and graphic skills.




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