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Without repeating my thread in the introduction forum, I am on a quest to find a mindmate to grow old together.   But a childfree university educated atheist, in my age group - I am woman of 62 -, who is monogamous and non-promiscuous is very difficult to find.   Therefore I started a blog, where I am not only writing about my idea of a relationship based upon the 'egalitarian rational commitment paradigm', but also a lot of stuff about my own understanding of life based upon evolutionary psychology.  
I had the illusion, that the more I would write, the more often my blog would appear in google searches, until my mindmate to be found would stumble upon my blog.    But it just did not happen.  
In spite of having links on dating sites, in spite of being in several blog directories and in spite of having written over 400 blog entries, the number of page views does not grow.
I need publicity for my blog, but somehow I do not know, what more I can do than what I have already done.
Therefore I offer link-exchange with anybody in this group.   My blog is:

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I am not much help with your quest, but I have looked at your blog and will share it wherever I can. Here is my blog about atheism, science and skepticism.

The Blogging Skeptic

thank you.   By the way, having white letters on a dark background is not very comfortable to read.  Otherwise I like your blog.  




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