So, I got a private message on a site where I write little articles. The pm asked, "Are you that atheist bitch from TIBU*?" At first I got a little hot under the collar and wanted to bitch someone out or cry or something. Then I realized that this unprovoked recognition was a good thing. I'd made an impression.

That's all I want to do with my writing - make people feel something, anything, and the stronger the feeling the better! Well, that and make oodles of frickin' money but I'll settle for evoking emotions if I have to.

I was so inspired by that private message that I went and created a little Atheist themed blog entitled That Atheist Bitch. It's not much to look at yet, I've just embedded some of my Atheist relevant articles but I thought it was a fun idea.

Yep, that's me, That Atheist Bitch from TIBU.

*TIBU is the acronym for a rapidly failing writing website where once upon a time I was top writer for a few months running.

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Oh, I've had plenty of hateful pm's, emails, article comments, and blog comments but this was the first one to not only be hateful but to recognize who I was from another website. LOL. It was kind of flattering since TIBU hosted a fair number of "atheist bitches" who I felt were good writers.
The way I look at it, if I don't get at least some mail from hateful Christians, I'm not doing something right. It can be a bit scary at first but it really does tell me that I need to do more of whatever I'm doing.




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