Why are this book and its now-deceased author so passionately attacked by Standard Model cosmologists (more compactly Big Bangers or Bangers)?

Why was this book found open on Albert Einstein's desk after his death?

They attack this psychiatrist by education and historian by interest because in his books readers with no knowledge of mathematics or physics can see some of the flaws in the Big Bang model of the universe.

Einstein won’t tell us why, but in a little-known letter made public years after he died, he questioned his own work.

From the review at Amazon:

Worlds in Collision - written in a brilliant, easily understandable and entertaining style and full to the brim with precise information - can be considered one of the most important and most challenging books in the history of science.

Though I majored in mathematics, minored in economics, earned graduate credits in physics, and studied the Big Bang model closely, Velikovsky was and his books still are far more lethal than I to the untested and untestable, heavily taxpayer-subsidized Big Bang model.


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