Last year my wife and I downloaded a bunch of atheist stickers from the
web.Put them all together on a html page .I then went to Staples and
bought some Avery sticker sheets and copied the sheet of stickers onto
it.Then cut out each sticker and now have a pile of little stickers in a
baggie in the car .

We put them on garbage cans,mail boxes .in bus shelters , in play grounds,on poles and street signs particularly by schools.
Especially local notice boards at laudromats and some shopping centres.You have to
be a little sneaky.but the risk of being spotted is  part of the fun.

Its interesting to return to these spots to see what has happened to them.

We put one on the lid of a garbage can at the entrance to a
supermarket,and every week someone rips it off,so every week we replace
it with another one.Great fun.
Our favourite was just under the take-out window at through.....Had to be real quick
tho! That sticker stayed there for months until they found it.
Hopefully lots of big mac eaters got some food for thought at the same time.
Its easy to do and you feel like you are doing SOMETHING to help the advancement of sanity.
try it out.

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As a covert stickerer, I can attest to how fun this can be. You can get pretty creative with pinter, blank sticker sheets and some free time.

A friend and I used to stick "I'm changing the climate! Ask me how!" stickers on people's squeeky clean, tool free, non-commercial SUVs. Never got caught once! Another friend and I used to put stickers on one side of all our dollar coins that had a spoof Starbucks logo that read "Consumer Whore". I think I must have passed out two or three rolls of worth of Loonies with those stickers on them

I'm interested in getting the "Atheist Money", "Humanist Money" and/or "E Pluribus Unum" stamps from Evolve Fish. Have you tried them out?




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