Hey everyone, I am organizing a group volunteer event in Vancouver for the second half of November 2011. The idea is to volunteer as a large group at the Quest Food Exchange. I am also going to try and push this with the BC Humanists and I have sent an inquiry to CFI Vancouver. But everyone is welcome and encouraged to help out. :)


If you would like more information please reply or send me a message. 

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more info please :)

I don't know what info you would like but I will share what I have at the moment.


Quest Food Exchange, as summarized by their website


Quest partners with local food wholesalers, restaurants, airlines, freight lines, supermarkets and farmers. These partners donate food to Quest that would otherwise have gone to waste. At Quest, we use our own trucks to rescue this food and take it back to our warehouse facility. The food is then sorted for storage, processing, meal preparation, and re-distribution.

Quest assists individuals each month through partnerships with local Social Service Agencies by providing their clients with access to our low-cost grocery markets and by delivering raw food materials to agencies for their own meal programs. In this manner, those helping Quest are also helping hundreds of other agencies and their clients.



I am looking at scheduling the volunteering day for November 26th. I have got some info about types of activities we can help out with, all of which might seem a bit boring, but based on my experience, are some of the more useful, time consuming activities that need to get done: 


We have three areas in which we require volunteers: our grocery markets (3 locations), our warehouse, and our office. In the markets, tasks include stocking and facing shelves, repackaging donated items, and helping customers. In the warehouse, volunteers may be unloading our truck, and sorting, culling, and pricing donated items. In the office, we need help with newsletter mail-outs (quarterly), and simple administrative tasks (data entry, phone calls). It depends on the interests and skill sets of those who will be volunteering. The stores are open Monday-Saturday, 8:30-4, whereas the warehouse and office are only open Monday-Friday. (From e-mail)


I selected the 26th because it gives enough time to organize and network a decent sized group and more people seem to be available on the weekends. I am also looking at other places to organize volunteering events at, but still having trouble tracking places down. If you have any suggestions I am happy to take them :) 


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