So everyone, it seems that we have a group, but no activity on said group. So, I thought I would make a post. I don't know where everyone is in British Columbia, but I know British Columbia well enough. I have lived in... 6 of the cities/towns here. Everywhere from Vancouver Island to the Peace River District. I think I found the small town I grew up in, Tumbler Ridge, to have the strongest religious influence. But, small towns with low levels of standard education kind of do that.

So, I thought I would start this, mostly to start some communication going. So ya, anyone care to give a shout out? I did on the main board, but I guess I can again. My name would be Dale, currently enjoying the Greater Vancouver region. And my favorite place in British Columbia is the Rocky Mountains, no area in particular. I just like snow and mountains. And thunder storms during the summer.

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Abbotsford I was there yesterday, by there I mean the bus I was on stopped there. I visit Chilliwack a lot as most of my family is there, and it is definitely the area regarded as the bible belt. My roommate made a joke to that extent when he heard about my trip over there. He was wishing me luck I don't get burned alive. I have been in Williams Lake a few times, my family used to live up in Tumbler Ridge, so we had to travel through there. The only thing I know is that it has one of the highest crime rates per capita. But, beyond that it is a decent enough little town.

Meetups are always a good thing, I guess that is why I am trying to push more conversation for those in the province.
Howdy All,

I'm about a stone throw south from the PNE. Yes, the group is kind of slow, but its nice to see it growing. If you see any other BC folk lost on atheist nexus, make sure to shoot them a link. Sooner or later, i figured it might be fun to do a dinner meet, but im puting it off until I'm done with a certain project at work.
Don't worry, I am keep my eyes open and pestering anyone I see who is from BC. In a very kind and polite manner. PNE... haven't been there. Told I should go. Maybe one day.
Some activity would certainly be nice. After all more than 1/3 of the people in BC profess to have no religion. I would expect the group to be larger.

One thing I did just notice is that Nate Phelps is a member of our group!
He is a genuine celebrity, being the son of the leader of the Westboro Baptist Church.
Nate was also just hired as the Executive Director of CFI Calgary.
Wouldn't it be cool to have Nate meet with us if he happens to be in BC some time.
Westboro Baptist Church... that name is familiar. I believe that is the group that is helping encourage me to continue doing what I do on a daily basis. Yes! Yes it is! They are my role-models for what NOT to be. But yes, BC does have a fairly high percentage of people who claim to be non-religious. It would be nice to get more of them over here.
I'm about a half hour drive from Abbotsford and I would love to meet a few of my fellow heathens. I've been thinking about some different ways to get our message across to others. It would be a great opportunity to bounce a few ideas around.




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