I still consider myself "new" to CA, and am working on learning my way around. Let's get a conversation rolling...

1. Where are you?
2. Your local/area social scene with other non-theist types?
3. One of your favorite things to see or do in your general neighborhood?

My answers:
1. San Jose
2. Still looking. Have found the occasional atheist parent, but we don't do anything together as an atheist "group."
3. Star Parties with the SJAA, our local astronomy club.

How about it, fellow Californians? Where are you and what do you do for fun?

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Well, no one else has joined yet, so I'll sound off.
1. Sacramento
2. Nowhere, really. The internet is the best I can do XD However, you'll find that Downtown Sacramento and San Francisco are the best places for liberals, atheists, gays, and other types--these are the places where the minority groups thrive and have created cities of their own. :)
3. Internet! I'm a nerd and don't get out much. So I can't really talk.
I know san francisco has lots of jews, i know I was raised jewish
1. Forest Falls - it's barely a town (pop. <1,000) in the mountains 45 miles away from Big Bear and Lake Arrowhead.
2. The only non-theist I know is my husband and our social scene consists entirely of chilling out at home or taking our 5 year old out to do stuff that he likes.
3. I'm also a big internet nerd but I recently started jogging in the early morning and it's so peaceful.
1. Where are you?
Mainly from Goleta/Santa Barbara.
Currently in San Francisco.

2. Your local/area social scene with other non-theist types?
In SB, I have a student group that does plenty of stuff like showing secular documentaries, food sales, community service, and a bunch of other parties.
In SF, I don't know any other non-theists or non-theist groups. Still looking!

3. One of your favorite things to see or do in your general neighborhood?
In SB, constant fun stuff: all the group parties and activities, the beach, shopping, food, etc.
In SF, I work a lot; so movies and food at best, haha.
Oh, and yeah the internet, anytime, anywhere!
1. Roseville
2. I'm not really big on any social scenes, although I do go to the Atheists and Other Freethinkers meetings in Sacramento occasionally. There is also a local atheist meetup group on meetup.com.
3. Ski! Ok, that's up in Tahoe, but it's only a two hour drive.
I am in San Francisco.

Generally, I don't have to go out of my way to see non-theist. I do go to an anarchist discussion group which is predominately atheist, and so atheism practically comes up on its own.

In my neighborhood, which happens to be the Haight Ashbury, I see my friends, and I see my boyfriend. Sometimes going to Hippy Hill in Golden Gate park can be good to go to if there really is nothing to do.
1.Lake Elsinore
2.Yet to look, just came back to CA a week ago.
3.Hiking in the cleveland national forest.
1. Irvine and San Diego

2. Most of my non-theist social contact comes through the Atheists, Agnostics, and Rationalists club on campus at UCI of which I'm Publicity Chair. On our wishlist right now is to build up a network of all the different Atheists groups at least within the CA colleges so we can be able to contact eachother more easily.

3. Working out in the grand attempt to get in shape and the various shenanagens we get up to within the club.
1. Hi - I'm right over the hill in the Santa Cruz area, specifically Mount Hermon.
2. I am involved with the Ethical Culture Society of Silicon Valley that meets in San Jose (we have a platform going on Sunday, July 20, 4-6pm at the Quaker Meeting House on 1041 Morse Street in San Jose if you want to join some other atheists! The topic of the platform is "The New Abolitionists" with Meg Bowman. NPR exposed this recently and Meg brings her energy to take action on this issue to ECSSV. Join us for information and a discussion, exploring slavery. Did you know there are more slaves in the world today than ever before? Find out more and take action together!)
3. And my favorite thing to do is mountain bike ride the great trails where I live in the redwoods.
There are two separate meetup-type groups. The Atheists and Other Freethinkers group, which includes Mynga Futrell and Paul Geisert of The Brights, and the Sacramento Atheists and Freethinkers Meetup group on meetup.com. Both groups meet once a month, AOF on a Sunday and Sacramento Atheists on a Tuesday.

AOF has been around for 15 years and often has (what I have found to be very interesting) speakers come and talk to the group about various subjects.

Sacramento Atheists started in January, and seems to be about just getting together and talking about atheism in general. I have only been to one meeting early on, as Tuesday is a bad day, but I've spoken with the founder, Steve Thoreson numerous times, and he's a really nice, very interesting ex-Mormon.

There doesn't seem to be much crossover between the groups, although I believe that the current president of AOF has joined the meetup group, so that might change.
All I can say is that at least here in CA the crazies are out in the open where we can keep an eye on 'em.
1. Davis
2. I don't really know any other atheists in my area, but more because i just haven't looked to hard. i see there are alot of other sacramento and davis people though, and saw a mention of a few meetings i may start going to =D
3. What i really enjoy are the Exploratorium in SF first, I like to go shopping alot so i go to the Arden Fair Mall or Frys alot which to me is a good trip but bores probably alot of you =], and then I try to have as many get togethers at my apartment as possible. Just watching movies and hanging out. Oh, and I cook. To be honest though i'm still slightly new to the whole davis scene.




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