I still consider myself "new" to CA, and am working on learning my way around. Let's get a conversation rolling...

1. Where are you?
2. Your local/area social scene with other non-theist types?
3. One of your favorite things to see or do in your general neighborhood?

My answers:
1. San Jose
2. Still looking. Have found the occasional atheist parent, but we don't do anything together as an atheist "group."
3. Star Parties with the SJAA, our local astronomy club.

How about it, fellow Californians? Where are you and what do you do for fun?

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I live in Burlingame and work in San Francisco.

I've attended a couple of the monthly meetings of the SF Atheists at Schroeder's restaurant; it's among the most active chapters of American Atheists. I'm not much of a "joiner" though, so I haven't made a habit of it. More by happenstance than anything, I've managed to just casually bump into quite a few atheists, agnostics, or other I-could-care-less-about-religion types.

SF and northern California offer so many good choices. Most often, though, I indulge in the good food, drink, and company. For appreciating nature, while not exactly in my neighborhood, Yosemite is something to behold.
I'm in Oakland!

There are several atheist/freethinker/whatever groups in the bay area. I've been attending a number of events with the local chapter for the Center For Inquiry ( http://www.centerforinquiry.net/sf ). They get some interesting speakers and also have some more social events. I know there are some people down in the south bay that are trying to put stuff together.

I live near Lake Merritt and there is always something going on in the area. Even if it's just a walk around the lake. :)
I'm living in Castro Valley
Looking for Atheist groups but haven't found any locally.
1. Wilton (just south of Sacramento)
2. non-existent
3. Used to be a horseperson, but my back gave out on me. Now I'm a gym rat
1. Concord
2. Surrounded by churches and a local Scientology (IDIOTS) center. Lonely being an Atheist here.
3. Nothing local that I'm aware of. I enjoy going into the City (SF) and visiting the California Academy of Sciences and De Young Museum. I also like attending planetarium shows. I'd have to say Chabot College has one of the best facilities around.
You should take a trip up to the City. I lived in San Jose for 10 years and I have to say I prefer San Francisco... that's an understatement.
I'm obviously living in SF right now. Been here for 5 years or so. I actually haven't found a place to hang out with other young atheists such as myself. [If anyone knows of such a group, do let me know!]
I live in the Polk area. I like walking around, hanging out at bars (I like wine bars a lot, too) and eating out at all the neato restaurants around here.

Welcome to CA! :)
San Francisco has a large atheist population, and there are many night spots here. I am not such a night person anymore. and plus I am queer. So I cant tell you much about many places that you would probably like.

Berkeley is a fun place for a day outing.
1. I live near Santa Cruz (Aptos, just south of SC).

2. We have two very young kids, so we don't get out very much, except to parks and shopping and other family activities. I have an atheist friend at work with whom I exchange book recommendations, and my wife and I have discussions, read books, watch videos.

3. We like outdoor activities. Beach volleyball (me), running (both of us), cycling (both of us), hiking (all four of us).
San Diego

Nothing that I know of yet. (I see dumb people) The only chance I get is mingling with my girls coworkers at work parties and stuff cause there's a couple atheists there.

Hiking where ever has a trail and photographing anything I chance upon :)
1. Where are you?: Humboldt County, specifically Eureka. Am I the only one?
2. Your local/area social scene with other non-theist types?: Trying to start one, but it's flopping. I know we're numerous, though. There's a very studious group of dudes writing anti-religious letters to the editor ALL the time.
3. One of your favorite things to see or do in your general neighborhood? Used bookstores, the redwood forests, the coast, huge music, culture and art scene, microbreweries, shitload of locally-based businesses, and famous marijuana, if you're into that.

Come ooooon, any other North Coast people around here?
Not too far away, mendocino county.
1. Where are you?: Orange County (Anaheim Hills)
2. Your local/area social scene with other non-theist types?: Haven't found anything that fits me around here. Not surprised. OC is the christian/republican stronghold.
3. One of your favorite things to see or do in your general neighborhood? I am training in Krav Maga and used to be involved with the local roller derby. For tourists, there is Disneyland and the beaches.


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