I still consider myself "new" to CA, and am working on learning my way around. Let's get a conversation rolling...

1. Where are you?
2. Your local/area social scene with other non-theist types?
3. One of your favorite things to see or do in your general neighborhood?

My answers:
1. San Jose
2. Still looking. Have found the occasional atheist parent, but we don't do anything together as an atheist "group."
3. Star Parties with the SJAA, our local astronomy club.

How about it, fellow Californians? Where are you and what do you do for fun?

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1. Sacramento
2. Downtown Sacramento and San Francisco *are* great places for liberals, atheists, gays, and other "different" types - these are indeed places where minority groups thrive and have created cities of their own (thanks Yvette). There are tons of atheist groups in Sacramento in particular. Of course, I have mainly atheist friends, so I don't always have the need to seek out other atheists.
3. I pretty much like to exercise, geek out on the computer, and socialize like a hedonist.
1. Nevada City, a town in the foothills above Auburn/Roseville area.
2. None as of yet, planning to watch "Religulous" with a couple that my wife and I know, who are non-believers. Is 'YouTube' a social scene? Pretty recently decided to define myself as a non-believer.
3. A great area to hang out, a good art/poetry scene, State Parks along the Yuba river are popular. I believe Camp Quest holds one of its secular summer camps nearby http://west.camp-quest.org/ . I am usually running around my front yard with my 3 yr. old daughter or walking downtown with my wife for a vegetarian greasy spoon breakfast.
1. Unincorporated (West) Contra Costa County
2. I like spending time with my Cats, as they have no theistic believes as best I can tell. Other than that, I don't limit my socializing to non-theists. My friends are free to believe whatever nonsense they like, provided they don't expect me to believe.
3. Pet cats. Ride motorcycles to the Warehouse bar in Port Costa, or Godspeed or Beer Revolution in Oakland. Go to wine country. Record shopping on Telegraph Ave. Go to any one of the zillion awesome Bay Area restaurants. Hiking in one of our extensive parks. Oakland Art Murmur. Live music at many Bay Area venues. Occasionally, we are lucky enough to have a major techno/machine art event like an SRL show, 01SJ, etc.


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