I still consider myself "new" to CA, and am working on learning my way around. Let's get a conversation rolling...

1. Where are you?
2. Your local/area social scene with other non-theist types?
3. One of your favorite things to see or do in your general neighborhood?

My answers:
1. San Jose
2. Still looking. Have found the occasional atheist parent, but we don't do anything together as an atheist "group."
3. Star Parties with the SJAA, our local astronomy club.

How about it, fellow Californians? Where are you and what do you do for fun?

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This is great!

1. San Jose
2. I am also still looking...
3. Cycling with the Almaden Touring Cycle Club and acting in plays in the Silicon Valley (okay, that's really two things I like to do in my neighborhood). :-)
I'm near Monterey.

There are two compatible organizations nearby of which I'm aware. A humanist organization meets at a time that's inconvenient for me. I have been one time to a lecture which they sponsored, and I think that is their only format. My impression is that their membership is mainly older than I am, and I'm mid-50s.

The other is a small group that I recently encountered on Facebook, called the Monterey Bay Skeptic Society. I have not yet met any of these people in person.

In recent years my family has been out mainly as boosters for my son's former rock band and attending music festivals.
1. North Alameda County.
2. I go to some of the SF Atheist meetings at Schroeders if the date is convenient.
The Concord Atheist meets if it is convenient for me (I work weird hours).
3. The Chabot Observatory, go to one of the golf courses in the area (9 holes anyone?).
1. Where are you?
Cerritos, CA (in LA/Long Beach area, on the boarder of Orange County) / work downtown L.A.
... have also lived/worked in Chico, Santa Rosa, Fairfield, San Francisco, and Sacramento.

2. Your local/area social scene with other non-theist types?
A large number of groups in Hollywood area... and others around Southern Cal. Nothing in Cerritos (or near by) however. I went to one meeting at the CIF in Hollywood - but the croud was a bit older... and its a bit of a drive (with traffic) from my house; I haven't been back.

3. One of your favorite things to see or do in your general neighborhood?
In my very local area (i.e. Cerritos) - we have wonderful parks and a (surprisingly) award-winning library. (Great place for young families). But for me, having the beach nearby (about 5-10 miles) is my favorite thing about this general area.
meetup.com is your friend - you can find atheist, brights, free-thinker, ethics, libertarian etc. groups in your area.
1. - Ontario.
2. - I don't think we have one but if so I don't really care... I can make friends with just about anyone I guess, LOL?
3. - My block is boring, I'm about the only 17 year old here and the other residents are older *Mid 20's - Late 80's* or way younger than me. At my house I basically listen to music, play video games, sleep, ect... but things are bound to liven up soon once I get my GED and find a job.

Speaking of a job... anyone near Ontario need a nightshift worker? I have insomnia so I'm usually awake at night anyways and I'm great at heavy lifting, stocking shelves and working in the freezer department since the cold doesn't bug me. Oh and I'm good with numbers too. All I ask is at least minimum wage pay, honesty and after that any benefits that might come with the job if any. I'm honest, hard working and I've been told I'm good with public relations although I'd prefer a more behind the scenes postition.
I used to live in Elk Grove (south of Sacramento) and now I live in Ventura county (south of Santa Barbara)

I am still organizing the Skeptical Society in Elk Grove. We are a friendly discussion and coffee group. If you are in the area please come to our meeting Saturday, April 3rd 11am at the La Bou on Elk Grove Blvd.

I would love to meet some friendly folks in my new area! I have a husband who is a lifelong non-theist and an 11 year old son.
Greetings from Wilton - I sure never knew about this! I'll be sure to show up to the meeting on the 3rd! Off to Google ...
I'm so glad! See you then!
I found and joined your page on FB! I'm Dianna Speer.
1. Where are you?
Orange County. Specifically Buena Park. (Right across the street from Knotts berry farm.
2. Your local/area social scene with other non-theist types?
There is the Seal Beach Atheists that meet up about once a month. Haven't met up with them yet since I currently don't have a car T_T. All of my highschool friends are pretty much Atheists. Still play DnD with them once a week :D
3. One of your favorite things to see or do in your general neighborhood?
Knotts Berry Farm. It's an amusement park and I like right across the street from it. I always get a year pass so I walk over there whenever I'm extremely bored. There's also a few parties going about every weekend or so.


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