I haven't been very active but am looking to change that. I recently contacted a local Humanist group that has a pretty active social groups with concert tickets / discussion groups and whatnot.
There is a Natural History Museum here (in San Diego - only 10 miles) and it is in a nice park along with a science center and a heap of science related stuff.
Of course there are beaches galore, so it is at least possible if I join one of the few groups I've found that there maybe picnics etc. it might be nice to meet some folks with similar interests!

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Sounds sweet!
You're a bit East of me. I live in Normal Heights, an ironic name for a neighborhood composed largely of artists and gays.

I was born and raised in San Diego, keep leaving, keep returning. The cost of living here will one day drive me away for good. But in the meantime I'm loving the weather and amenities.

I tried the local atheist MeetUp group, but found I don't have the time or interest for the social activities they prefer. Online socializing is much more suited to my lifestyle.

Anyway, Scott, I'm pleased to meet a local compatriot.
Back at you Jack!
Though I've never been much of a social animal, still I feel a need to get out and meet real people. Just a slave to my DNA I guess.
Thanks for writing, I'll read you later
Hi Jim:
I have been in contact with Humanist Fellowship of San Diego. They sound like a good group though they had no meeting in July as the regular meeting interfered with the timing of the big parade.
They seem to be big into both social activities, as well as speaking engagements, so I guess there'll be something to amuse, or educate.
Thanks for the link to SDARI, I'll check that out as well!



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