I hope everyone gets a chance to read this editorial from the Sac Bee:


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Hmm, another fundie that can't see how a secular decision about the care of granny could ever be made with compassion!
That is just crazy!
Because I am an atheist I do believe we are all equal. I am not only worried about my own "kind" - based on religion, race, nationality - Because I am an atheist, I know we all truly brothers and sisters through evolution. I don't think I deserve better or more healthcare than anyone else, I think we should let rational thinking by caregivers and patients based on science guide these decisions. Because I am an atheist, I don't have to rely on faith to heal.
BWAHAHAHAH! Funny shit but seriously... don't peoples legal guardians make the choice to terminate coma-patients or what? If the answer is YES then, bill the family directly and if they can't/won't pay I certainly wouldn't. After all, would anyone help pay for my mom to get back-surgery so her disks in her lower back don't eventually cripple her? I highly dought it...

I have told numerous members of my family, inclueding my mother and god-mother, that if I am to ever need life support for more than 1 year: JUST PULL MY PLUG, CREAMATE MY BODY/THROW ME INTO THE OCEAN AND MOVE ON. I personally wouldn't want to go through the recovery process anyways and it's scary for me to think - "What if I wake up and my limbs are hacked off?" or "How high will my medical expenses be?" Plus I always did want to visit the historical beaches of Normady, Germany so hopefully I could have my ashes throw overboard near there...

As for the human race being "Special" I tend to think we are very "Special" indeed... what other species on Earth takes another living beings life when it's not hungry or in defence or itself/it's family or it's territory? Humans are "Special" as in the alternative term for "Mentally Retarded" compared to the Animal Kingdom. At least most Animals can co-exist in a semi-peaceful manner, do not discriminate and don't use Nuclear Weapons...
Oh and on the whole "trusting in god vs government" non-sense, this is what I have to say about that: "IN ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WE TRUST!" - quote from "Trust" by Megadeth
Or worse... what if I end up like that guy from "Johnny Got His Gun" for some odd reason?

I can't find the movie itself online but, you can see/hear clips of it in Metallica's music video "One" here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-LOT_7psWnc


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