The black skin is in urgent need of truth,not that all blacks are unable to make informed decision,not at all that every black is thick up stairs.that is not my point the point is that blacks of African origin are too fast to accept every religious doctrine under the Sun,hold on, do you know that l m black? it a true testimony that l was made leave a lone born to hate the truth,right from early days of my childhood,over 96% of what many blacks are now practicing in the sugar coated name of religion is man made,

It is not yet too late to think fellow blacks, run from untruth,and start to think for yourself,learn to be yourself,do not be in the character of copying other's  lifestyles.Today you want to live like German, tomorrow American,next week you are Briton,who as cursed you fellow black?

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Only 96%? Where did you get that statistic from and who made the other 4%?




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