I didn't think Prop. 8 would pass. I knew it would be close; but still, I thought the people of CA were more open-minded than this.
This is a very sad day.

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hi, this is my first post for ca atheists.

yes, it is very sad. i was appalled at the commercials that they proponents of 8 put out. their smear campaign worked. i'm not gay myself, but i believe that gays should be allowed to marry. the mormons, cathlolics and assorted christians churches need to be put in their place, as far as i can see, they've overstepped their boundaries.
It really pisses me off. I personally expect to get married, but the fact that it is because it would not be legal for me really bites.
Ooops. I meant not to get married.
Especially when you go 50 miles or more inland. But there are also many coastal areas that are just as racist and homophobic and fascist.
I don't know how many discussion I had at work with people that had no idea what Prop 8 was really about. They all wanted to vote yes on 8 due to misunderstandings about what the bill actually did.

I asked them if they were fine with how things were now, and every one of them said yes. I told them that Prop 8 changed how things were now, and if they were fine with things as they were, why vote for it? I know several that changed their vote through a rational discussion of the issues, but only after their emotional response to a "save the children" campaign was cleared up.
Thank religious bigots, primarily Mormons, and their lies for that. Read about how they stole our rights here.
Alright it's time to pray for the Democratic system to do it's job. When this vote got on the ballot it had already been denied to be on the ballot by the Legislative branch (ya know, that thing that checks the majority oppressing the minority). Well, it's being resubmitted to the Legislative branch and hopefully be overturned. One thing to keep in mind is that it was a 52% to 48%, very close, and the brainwashed Christians felt it would be a sin to vote No. Also, about 80% of the African American community (mostly Christian) voted Yes, obviously not realizing that 50 years ago it was sinful for a black to marry a white.

Agreed. Of all places in the United States, I too thought this was a shoe-in. I think in time, hopefully not too long now, California will see this as the Constitutional right it truly is, not a religious one.
Even though I'm straight, I was extremely saddened and disappointed when I heard about Prop 8. I was one of the people who voted "no." What made me really angry was seeing all the signs for Prop 8 left standing up in people's yards for over a week after the voting ending. There were times I truly wanted to stomp into my neighbor's yard and kick them down, but I knew it wouldn't accomplish anything. Even during the campagin I was very angry about the lies that were being spred. Now that the vote has been upheld in court I don't know what to think.

I still can't get over the fact that my state voted to take away the rights of so many of our citizens. It's absoultely terrible. I hope we get the chance to fix this mistake in the future. No matter how many people voted for it, I still believe it was a mistake.
Sad, sad commentary on CA! Hopefully a campaign for overturning it in 2010 (which I think is in the works) will be more successful. But I guess after that, it's hard to be optimistic.
Did you see the proposition to ban divorce. I think it is hilarious. If marriage is 'ordained by god', damn it, they should stay that way (it is tongue in cheek, but I hope it gets on the ballot), On the other hand, I think that a reversal of prop 8 will come in 2010, 2012 at the latest.




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