recentley LBL decided to spread out a little.

one of the "finalist" sites is Alameda CA.

I live here and see this as a defining moment for alameda.

its the best decision alameda could ever have made in its entire history that we can actually be proud of!

gives the kids out here a real tangible reason to get a real education (logic, math, science, biology).

its one of the premier research labs in the world and I am 100% in favor of it.
its a new day and if science dosnt rule here we will end up just another conservative backwater dumbass hick x-millitary town.


JULY 13, 2011

1900hrs(7pm) to 2130hrs(9:30pm)

party in alameda calif!!!!!!!!!!


auctions by the bay theater


alameda, calif.


if you can possably make it PLEASE show up and help get this premire lab campus into this city.

also you can email the lab in berkeley at

This is there public comment line.

if you write to them use this subject line




HHHEEELLLPPPP..........remember..harold camping lives here !(

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