In order to make the Canadian section of A|N a little more relevant. I would like to compile a list of active Canadian Atheist/Humanist/Secular/Skeptic/Etc... organizations.

This list will be sorted by primarily by region(s) for the most part, with a general Canadian section at the top for national groups.

If you care to add something to the list you can message me or post a reply here.

I will periodically be removing posts in this discussion to keep things tidy, however I will only remove them once the relevant information has been copied to the master post.

Canada wide organizations

Centre for Inquiry Canada - The Centre for Inquiry Canada is an education and outreach organization dedicated to advancing reason, science, secular values, secularism and freedom of inquiry throughout the country. We provide education and training to the public in the application of the principles of sceptical, secular, rational, and humanistic enquiry.

Canadian Secular Alliance - The Canadian Secular Alliance is a public policy think-tank and political advocacy organization advancing church-state separation and the neutrality of government in matters of religion.

humanist canada Promoting the separation of religion from public policy and fostering the
development of reason, compassion and critical thinking for all Canadians through secular education and community support.

Provinces and Territories organizations and groups

Dalhousie Atheists - Toronto, Ontario. The Dalhousie Atheist Community is part of the Center for Inquiry — On Campus, which supports  a growing network of campus freethought,
atheist, and humanist groups around the world.

Atlantic Atheists Secular Humanists Ethical Society (AASHES) - Atlantic Canada. Atlantic Canadian: atheists, Brights, Secular Humanists, Skeptics, Rationalists. Affiliated with:

ACSkeptics - Atlantic Canada, Skeptics and Secularists of Atlantic Canada

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I volunteer with both CFI and the Canadian Secular Alliance. They are both great organizations and I would suggest joining them. They are the largest groups of their kind in the country and do a huge amount of work on behalf of Canadian atheists.
No, they have not moved - the URL is That should work for you.
I will check with my CFI contacts for you.
I must admit that being a member of the Canadian Secular Alliance has been very educational for me so far. Like just this past weekend there was discussion into finding out how much property and revenue tazes are lost due to tax-exempt properties. That includes many non-religious organizations, but it also includes churches. I found that discussion very eye opening.
Secular Humanists can join the oldest group around
ACSkeptics - Atlantic Canada, Skeptics and Secularists of Atlantic Canada has moved off of google groups and soon to be on the nexus

I've created an atheist page for the circumpolar region (Yukon, NWT, Nunavut, Nunavik) of Canada called Northern Free Thinkers. We up North have lifestyles which are quite different from mainland Canada along the USA Border. Vast stores of natural resources and untouched land, very low population density and high percentages of First Nations populations.

Interestingly, Yukon scores as the least religiously affiliated area of Canada, but unaffiliated people aren't necessarily atheists or even agnostics. There is a lot of "spirituality" and homeophathy and 'alternative' medicines up here, due both to the First Nations component, and to people fleeing mainstream culture to live at the edge. NWT, Nunavut and Nunavik all have very high religiosity indexes. Yukon is distinct in this regard, but the rest of our political spectrum is similar to the other circumpolar regions.

Free Thinkers seemed to confuse people, so I've changed the name to Northern Canadian Atheists. Faith enabling by non religious people is a big pass time in the north. Though Whitehorse has the largest non-religious percentage in Canada (36.5%), being atheist is still a major closet issue, "out of respect" for the faithers. >/p>

Can you please add:


status updates

ACSkeptics - Atlantic Canada, Skeptics and Secularists of Atlantic Canada,

has been inactive for some time. see Meetup  CFI-NS

Atlantic Atheists Secular Humanists Ethical Society (AASHES) is also inactive

If there was an organization aimed to get rid of religion across Canada I would be happy to join it.

English Canadians are way too polite. You could try moving to Quebec. The secular charter has a small chance of going through. Canada's constitution states we are "under God", our national anthem is god fearing.

While you wait... check out this excellent documentary by the National Film Board of Canada:

Most immigrants from theocracies came here to escape their stupid theocracies. But the extremist minorities are the ones wanting religious accommodations (not just Islamic) and separate criminal law so they can maintain violent ownership over their wives and offspring.

Before we achieve riddance of religion, we first have to achieve a secular Canada. That's still a long way away.


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