In order to make the Canadian section of A|N a little more relevant. I would like to compile a list of active Canadian Atheist/Humanist/Secular/Skeptic/Etc... organizations.

This list will be sorted by primarily by region(s) for the most part, with a general Canadian section at the top for national groups.

If you care to add something to the list you can message me or post a reply here.

I will periodically be removing posts in this discussion to keep things tidy, however I will only remove them once the relevant information has been copied to the master post.

Canada wide organizations

Centre for Inquiry Canada - The Centre for Inquiry Canada is an education and outreach organization dedicated to advancing reason, science, secular values, secularism and freedom of inquiry throughout the country. We provide education and training to the public in the application of the principles of sceptical, secular, rational, and humanistic enquiry.

Canadian Secular Alliance - The Canadian Secular Alliance is a public policy think-tank and political advocacy organization advancing church-state separation and the neutrality of government in matters of religion.

humanist canada Promoting the separation of religion from public policy and fostering the
development of reason, compassion and critical thinking for all Canadians through secular education and community support.

Provinces and Territories organizations and groups

Dalhousie Atheists - Toronto, Ontario. The Dalhousie Atheist Community is part of the Center for Inquiry — On Campus, which supports  a growing network of campus freethought,
atheist, and humanist groups around the world.

Atlantic Atheists Secular Humanists Ethical Society (AASHES) - Atlantic Canada. Atlantic Canadian: atheists, Brights, Secular Humanists, Skeptics, Rationalists. Affiliated with:

ACSkeptics - Atlantic Canada, Skeptics and Secularists of Atlantic Canada

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Why the hell would I want to live in Quebec? I'm not French I'm English. As for Canada's constitution, non-religious people are not "under God" as they don't believe in it. Religion does not deserve respect whatsoever; it is an anti-freedom con game. Any idea how much misery religion has caused? See the Religion and Freedom discussion I made last month.


I don't give a damn for religious immigrants, especially Muslims. The last thing we need is them taking over our government. I would make such an organization myself but I'm not big on politics.

Wow, talk about missing the point completely. Maybe you have reading difficulties?

My family is english speaking and live in Quebec, my mother is unilingual anglo, and will be voting for the secular charter.
Nation under God... those are the words of our Constitution... I never said I agree with them.... sheesh.

Thanks for a useless interaction. grr


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