Does anyone know if there are Canadian MPs who are out as atheists?

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Certainly none of the new conservatives are! Could be some of the old Progressive Conservatives.

The openly Gay ones may be the best hope of finding an atheist in there.
Most of the religious people I know happen to be queer. Not saying that means most LGBT people are xian, but just because someone isn't hetero/cisgendered doesn't mean they don't still believe in a Sky Man.
There is an NDP candidate who runs in Richmond, but has not been elected into office provincially or federally. Dale Jackaman

No relation, though I have met him at a Skeptics in the Pub meeting.
Michael Ignatieff is an agnostic - he has said, "I'm not an atheist, there were times in my life where I found much solace in churches, but I can not say I am a believer." It sounds like he is closer to an atheist because he is definite that he does not believe. Sounds like a politician.......

Hmm, me thinks it's worth the effort to find out who we have out there.

We should look at the electoral maps and try to share it among us and find out...

No elected MPs are out atheists. Some of the Bloc members or new Quebec NDP MPs may be (although they might be better called secular catholics). I know the Parti Quebecois has a Critic for Secularism in the National Assembly (I covered that for Canadian Atheist here:


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