I know its not the same - although they both were harassed by religious people in school.  Carrie was only ten in 1980 when her ordeal started.  I don't even know how things turned out for Carrie.  But she may be a member of this group or someone may know of her.

Why am I interested?  Well I have a huge box of letters and clippings from my dad who passed away in 1994.  For a long time I never knew my dad was an atheist - even when I told him I was one at sixteen.  In the late 70's when I had left home he got very involved in the atheist movement and told me about his state of mind.  He collected his journey in a box.  I just came back from the reason rally and started going through this treasure trove - about 18 years later. 

I discovered a letter from Carrie and her mother.  In the letter Carrie tells my dad she will write down his suggestion on the board and then repeats it.  I didn't know what this meant until I did a Google search and found out this poor ten year old was subject to a message written on the blackboard when she sat out of religious instruction.  When she returned to class she saw "Whoever says there is no God is a fool"  My dad suggested the next time she write on the board "It is a bigger fool who can be conned ..."  and I can't make out the rest of Carrie's handwriting.  It appears things got ramped up after that.  Carrie's mom said to my dad "Thanks so much for your letter to Carrie. She really needed it." Her mom goes on to talk about of thousands of dollars in legal fees.

I never knew about this case.  It chokes me up to reconnect with my dad and see him  reaching out here - didn't know he did that and most importantly I hope that everything turned out okay for Carrie and the legal costs were not to onerous.

So if anyone knows anything - let me know. 

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Hi Tomasz I saw the clipping from 1980 as well.  I was hoping for a follow up news story that shows how things turned out over time.  I do like the tone of the article and the clergymen saying that any type of harassment is Unchristian. 

Thanks for the Canada411 research. I never thought of that.  I don't know if direct contact will be welcomed or not - do you think a phone call would be too pushy?




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