I have been curious for a while about other Canadian atheists experience with simply being an atheist in Canada.

I have commented to others that where I live now and where I grew up it was remarkably easy to be an atheist in many ways.

I had several friends growing up who where theists and still are to this day probably, but my lack of religion was never an issue with them. Even today it isn't an issue within my current circle. Though I am among my friends the only out and admitted atheist and I have always been surprised by that. I have been curious for a while if my experiences in some ways were typical Canadian or if I escaped religion because of my upbringing.

So what say you?

Where you raised in a religious or non-religious house hold?

Was religion predominant in the community you grew up in?

Did it cause any issues growing up, if you were raised non-religious among your religious friends?

Have you ever been called out by someone about your stance on religion and belief?

Do you find it difficult to be an out atheist in Canada?

If you are not an out atheist, how come?

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My parents come from religious backgrounds (Catholic), but I was in no way raised religious. My mum took me to church up until I was 5, but I think she did it more out of habit than anything. I would define my mother as a reluctant atheist. My father HATES the Church, but I think he's still spiritual. At a pretty early age I would think about God and came to the conclusion around age 10 that it was a pretty silly idea. I would get into arguments at school with the Catholic girl I knew. She invited me to church once, and I told her I didn't believe in God. I said "If there was a God, why are there little babies in poor countries starving to death?" She told me it was because they must have sinned. Needless to say, that's crazy, and just made me more sure of myself.

I've only met one or two people who objected to my atheism, and I just kind of tuned them out. It's easy for me to be an atheist in Canada, but I suppose it all depends on what region you're from, if you live in a city or a small town, etc. I'm from Vancouver, and I've never really had a problem with it here.


Some people have said earlier in this thread that Canadians are a little too concerned with making everybody happy. I do agree with this, but I'm not like that. While I don't go around shoving it down everyone's throat that I'm an atheist and everyone should believe what I believe, I'm not shy about my beliefs. If someone asks what I believe in, I won't hesitate from telling them the truth. If they don't like it, that's their problem. I think some people are ashamed of being an atheist because of the negative connotations that come with it. I'm trying to change that.


I feel so sorry for these American atheists that you hear about who are stuck in these fundamentalist communities. I don't know what I would do if I couldn't speak my mind.


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