Please help me get my head around this... Why would the Toronto Public Library deem it necessary to stick a PG warning label on Jonathan Miller's The Atheism Tapes? It may be downright ignorance on my part as I cannot claim to be entirely familiar with the criteria behind such ratings, but I have yet to see that same sticker on, say, a copy of The Ten Commandments.


Does this mean what I suspect it means (i.e. That the ideas expressed in those six interviews can be "dangerous" for the minds of the young, lest they should share some of those thoughts and end up diverging from their religious upbringing.) or am I just being paranoid here?



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Nope you are completely right and not paranoid. The bible & koran need at least an R rating if you actually follow the rating criteria. Atheist thought is still considered 'dangerous' even by public secular organizations.
Sad, isn't it?
So much for "teaching the controversy", right?

Nope, it's not the publisher:

"Google image search"

Which is why I didn't say it was the TPL... only stated that it's not the publisher :)

I live at the other end of the country... so I'll leave that task of proofing this out to those in Toronto.

After a bit of research, I have discovered that it is neither. It is the Ontario Film Classification Board who decides. Having read the guidelines now,, I still don't understand why it would be rated as PG. My suspicion is that this is a case of misconstrued fear of atheists.
BTW, thanks for the information, I'll make sure to attend!

Karina, I haven't listened to these tapes, but I really can't imagine anything "violent" or "sexual" in them. Therefore, it seems to me in any case, that this is strictly based on religious bias.

Frankly, with the new government in Toronto, I am not surprised at this kind of practice.


Having not listened to them, I can't be sure of their content... however... if this is a case of religious bias, we Canadians should be hounding the TPL with complaints.

For this purpose, may I ask if you yourself found this food on the TPL shelf?

There is definitely nothing that, in my opinion, would justify that rating. I'm thinking about writing to the TPL and asking why...


As for the DVD, I highly recommend it. It's a series of six interviews that Jonathan Miller did back in 2003 and which were cut off for another production. Seeing how valuable they were, the BBC decided to release them in full under the title The Atheism Tapes.


I didn't find it on the shelves; I put a hold on it online and stopped by my local TPL branch to pick it up. It was only when I got home that I noticed the sticker and felt that it was totally unjustified, as I was already familiar with the material.


If you can't get it through your library, the interviews are available on YouTube.

I'm definitely going to try and get it through inter-library loan here in Whitehorse Yukon. We don't have our own film rating board, and usually end up using BC's, sometimes Alberta's.


I highly suggest we all write to the Ontario Film Review Board and express our disagreement.

Ontario Film Review Board Rating system... notice the little bit on blasphemy... I wonder if that's what did it in...

Also notice that this title does not show up in their own database... odd


You're right, it must be the "blasphemy"! This is awful... I'll mention it to my local CFI buddies to see if they know or have done anything about this.

Hmmm which god?  You'd think we had moved on from a dark ages mentality.



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