Please help me get my head around this... Why would the Toronto Public Library deem it necessary to stick a PG warning label on Jonathan Miller's The Atheism Tapes? It may be downright ignorance on my part as I cannot claim to be entirely familiar with the criteria behind such ratings, but I have yet to see that same sticker on, say, a copy of The Ten Commandments.


Does this mean what I suspect it means (i.e. That the ideas expressed in those six interviews can be "dangerous" for the minds of the young, lest they should share some of those thoughts and end up diverging from their religious upbringing.) or am I just being paranoid here?



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Yes, for some reason, people think that it is not as bad if you don't believe in their god, as long as you believe in some sort of invisible sentient being overseeing the universe!


Blasphemy law was abolished in the UK only three years ago!! And from what I've just read, blasphemous libel is still a criminal offence in Canada, but being practically obsolete, people choose to sue for 'hate speech' instead.

I know friends in Ireland still fighting the blasphemy laws :(
This is one aspect in which the USA is better off than us in Canada. We have absolutely no constitutional leg to stand on to fight this kind of shit. Canada's constitution was drawn up by a bunch of loyalists, so of course separation church and state did not enter the mix :(


The solution is revolution :P


Unfortunately I'm 1/3 joking 2/3 serious.


(Deep male V.O. in a dark sound room)


--The following program contains scenes of logic, rationalism, and may contradict the creeptastic bullshit your parents or church has spoon-fed you. Parental guidance is strongly suggested.--


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