And the problem with religious new immigrants to Canada compounds...


Religious immigrants don't want female babies. So when they arrive in Canada and find that our healthcare system gives them the right to know the sex of their foetus, the result is an increased number of female foetus abortions, for religious reasons.


Some people are fighting against this form of sexist abortion seeking. But it begs the question... If these religious morons DON'T want their female infant, are her chances of being mistreated increased?


There are no easy answers, people's religiosity, even in a secular system, causes ethical problems. So our choice is sexist abortion rates or mistreatment of female infants?


Well, one activist is asking that foetus sex be withheld until the 30 week mark... when it is more difficult to get an abortion. Personally, I see absolutely NO reason to be revealing the sex of a future child. There is absolutely no scientific or knowledge benefit to knowing the sex. It's an entirely different context than testing for diseases.


Sigh :(


EDIT: I'll add any web links relevant to the story here.

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I do not want to close this discussion because of being off topic.

Those interested in debating abortion can do so at any of the abortion discussions already in existence.

This discussion is aimed at the role gender plays in deciding to have babies.

Wow, most activity in this group in a long time and then you threaten to close a discussion because someone doesn't agree with you. Real response to the media hyped story should be MEH and that is my response now.



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