I wrote an email to my Conservative Provincial representative letting her know it is time to defund Ontario Separate Schools citing cost savings, the U.N human rights body that said there should be no faith based funding or funding for all and the recent lack of tolerance by Catholic schools. I told her we should have a single public school system.

I would urge the Ontario members in this group to speak up to local government and for members outside the province to add their voices any level of federal or our local government.

It would be nice to hear back from the people in this group if you do send a message to someone.  You can just let us know who you wrote or what you wrote.

My message went to Julia Munroe the York Simcoe Conservative elected member.

Lets affirm one of the reasons we joined up - to organize and effect real change in our society.

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Yes this is an excellent idea, and at the forefront of religious ills in Canada. Quebec took care of this problem way back in the late 60s, it's time Ontario stepped up to the plate.
A Facebook Page could do no harm either!

Good luck.




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