Higher sugar-sweetened beverage intake was associated with a significantly increased risk of cancer recurrence and mortality in stage III colon cancer patients.

Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Intake and Cancer Recurrence and Survival ...

If you've had colon cancer, avoid heavily sweetened drinks.

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And if you're healthy, avoid the stuff also.

I agree.  Soda is bad for everyone.

I agree as well! I often have big gatherings here for weddings, memorial services, baby showers, birthdays, welcome to the neighborhood, and everyone knows I do not supply pop of any kind. I do serve coffee, tea, fruit juice and water with lemon slices in it. No one seems to complain, at least not to me. 

I suppose the pop bottles are also infused with BPA, Ruth's other topic!

Right, Plinius. I haven't had soda for years.



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