Participant Observer, loose bowel syndrome, unexpected and unprepared.

I thought I had given my last participant observer report, but just so others who may go through the same protocol as I did, here is another report on the loose bowel syndrome. The lesson here is, always be prepared, and keep a supply of Depends at hand. Trust me, you will be glad you are forewarned. 

Even as I have gained strength and am recovering quite nicely, I still have that out of control gastro problem and had to go in and change all my clothes, including my socks and shoes. It came as a total surprise while I was in the garden. I am now of that classification known as the Depends Generation. I feel fine. Just can't go very far with assurance I won't embarrass myself and always wear the diaper/Depends when I go out in public. Oh yes, settling into that regression stage of development very nicely.  

I like the frequent naps part. 

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Oh thanks Paricia, I didn't know that. I have coconut oil for cooking and It is solid and I store it in the frig. Is that the kind of coconut oil you mean? I do know about corn starch, and yes, it works. Thanks, loyal and trustworthy guide. 

When I first was diagnosed, a nurse taught me things that would help or hurt my recovery. coconut oil was one of the products she told me to keep on hand. I don't remember her saying anything about using it for my skin, but I was pretty overwhelmed at that point and lost a lot of information. Laura went to my appointments with me and she took notes on her computer, then mailed me the notes for reference. I will go back and reread those nurse's instruction. 

Patricia, if has been so nice to have you as a guide for me on this challenge. Thank you.


Oh Patricia, I thought I was the only one who had these explosive episodes and I want to warn others to be prepared. I have no clue they are coming, not even a twitch!

I have the same problem with Depends causing moisture to build up and skin rashes develop. So I don't wear them until and unless I am going out to a doctor's appointment or grocery shopping. 

Staying home close to facilities doesn't bother me because I enjoy not going anywhere. The only regret is that I don't go to other's homes, however, they come visit me. In the case of one of my cousins, she is a dynamic gourmet cook and I really miss her treats. I told her why I wasn't accepting her invitations so she brings them to me. We are trying to find a mutually good time for both of us now. She is a non-believer, married to a fundamentalist, and we have wonderful times talking about science and recent research showing so many things, i.e. brain studies, and now we have Cosmos to share. 

Exactly! It is what it is. Like you, I seek all the information I can get, ask questions of everyone, I am willing to try anything that people suggest. If, when all is said and done, if I have no control over the condition and cannot predict when they will occur, the worst thing I can do is feel helpless and hopeless. That only leads to depression and anxiety. 

Therefore, it is what it is; now, how do I live a rich, fulfilling life, full of things I like to do, with people I like and who like me as I am, and get on with life.? The challenges are not over. So what? I am not defined by my challenges. I take pride in being resilient. 

The feeling is always there, kind of like the sword of that Greek god that I can never remember. There is a sword hanging, over which we have no control and cannot predict. It is what it is.  

I don't know the Greek gods, but I've heard the phrase "Sword of Damocles".  I can imagine it feels like that to some extent.

Hope you don't get too depressed Joan.

Spud, I think you are correct! I don't think depression will be a problem for me. I did have that bout at the beginning of chemo and the therapist had me out of it within an hour. If I do begin to go into one, I know some strategies to get out of it, and if they don't work I know the best cancer therapist I have ever seen or worked with. 

I felt like a free bird in the garden today and had no problems at all. So, go figure. 

Glad to hear it Joan.

I thought about weight loss as a benefit of cancer too.  It is strange having people tell me I look so healthy with my weight loss, and ask me how I did it.....

My goodness, getting such nice comments when you went through cancer to achieve it! Looks don't tell the whole story, do they!!!? 

Your photos at the tulip farm you looked excellent. Were you able to enjoy the outing without getting fatigued? 

Oh Patricia, that is dreadful! I am so, so sorry. With all this and you continue to maintain your good humor and fine essence. You amaze me! Do you have anemia, and other ailments, of which I am not aware, that goes with such gastric irritation? 

What is that brings you the most pleasure, that lifts your spirits, that time passes like lightning and your mind stays occupied? 

As always Joan, you have my sympathetic affection. Terry

Thank you , Terry, for your care and compassion. Having a place to share experience, especially with the protocols of cancer treatments, helps to take it on. Knowing what to expect, and talking with others about their experiences enlightens me, especially as we have so many different experiences. 



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