Participant Observer, loose bowel syndrome, unexpected and unprepared.

I thought I had given my last participant observer report, but just so others who may go through the same protocol as I did, here is another report on the loose bowel syndrome. The lesson here is, always be prepared, and keep a supply of Depends at hand. Trust me, you will be glad you are forewarned. 

Even as I have gained strength and am recovering quite nicely, I still have that out of control gastro problem and had to go in and change all my clothes, including my socks and shoes. It came as a total surprise while I was in the garden. I am now of that classification known as the Depends Generation. I feel fine. Just can't go very far with assurance I won't embarrass myself and always wear the diaper/Depends when I go out in public. Oh yes, settling into that regression stage of development very nicely.  

I like the frequent naps part. 

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As the baby boomers would say, what a bummer.  I know a little about how you feel, having had to sit my groceries on the floor and anxiously run to the restroom, only to discover that in their renovation, they moved it, and the sign wasn't accurate, then looking for the nearest clerk and having them give me inaccurate info too,  and finally finding the restroom while walking like a runner duck.  

For me, frequent small meals helps.  Stuffing myself is certain to send me to the bathroom.  Concentrated sugars and concentrated starches, like crackers, are an issue.  Whole grain is less of a problem.  I've been taking egg burritos in wheat tortillas to work for snacks, instead of the crackers I used to eat.  That seems to help, or it's just random variation.  Fatty foods are also a stimulus.  I guess it forces me to eat healthy.

Sorry you have to put up with this indignity.  I hope your system continues to heal, day by day.  

That is what I felt like, too. There is a certain waddle that happens when faced with such a situation!. Loved your running ducks video! Perfect representation. Let me think, a new syndrome, cancer duck waddle.

Anyone around here able to write a song with music and lyrics that we can sing as we rush frantically around the box store looking for a place of rest-room. 



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