Finally got all through the red-tape of health insurance referrals and saw a podiatrist this morning. A man in his late 60s, I would guess. Extremely thorough about checking my health history, and medications. Then he started the exam of my feet. Had a whole regimen of procedures of tickling with a feather while my eyes were closed, pushing on this and that part of my feet, inspecting the nails, doing some lab work, and then in very competent voice told me his diagnosis. He is such a gentle man, kind and compassionate. We discussed ageing, diabetes, neuropathy, heart disease, cancer, fungus, and hammer toes. Yes, the whole conglomeration exists in my situation.

It seems the chemo precipitated a fungus flair up and the nails lifted from the nail beds and further exacerbated the fungus infection. Skin infections followed. He trimmed as much of the lifted nails as he could and took care of the very painful hangnail. These were painless procedures and my feet and nails feel so much better. He prescribed diabetic shoes and inserts. 

The medication of choice was Vicks. What did he say? Vicks! He said none of the Rx for fungus work over time, the nails just get reinfected after an initial benefit and then returns in more intensity. I am to lather my toes in Vicks, put on bed socks, change my socks every day and alternate two pairs of shoes. He also instructed me to get WOODEN shoe stretchers, not metal or plastic. It seems wood does a job that the other materials cannot. 

He recommended a good shoe place that will take a mold of my feet and create insoles to correct for my turning-in-feet.

All in all, it was a very nice experience, I am far more comfortable today, and I will walk around smelling like a Vicks manufacturer! Well, that is better than stinking feet, that is for sure.  

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Joan, it is so wonderful to meet a true professional with a lifetime's useful experience behind him.

I am rooting for you as you know---and always will. 

Happy to hear the good news Joan.  A kind, knowledgeable, and informative doctor is unusual in my experience.  

Your doctor agrees with my new doctor about the Vicks.  First time I've heard that was from him 3 months ago in my first visit.

I've got fungus under the nails, but not anywhere near as bad as yours.  I've not had any ingrown nails, pain, or any problems because of it, so I'm not going to go to the trouble of treating it until I start to have problems.

Spud, it seems you talked about Vicks before and I didn't pay proper attention to the conversation. I was so grateful when his remedy was so much easier than when I saw my Primary Physician who thought I might have to have the whole taken off, including the root. Wow! that was a close shave. 

It feels so much better to walk, and the sharp pain doesn't crawl up my leg today. So ... another challenge met and overcome. 

I'm with Daniel, however. Fatigue seems to persist. Well, we will just have to rely on you good friends to give us a little lazy laughter from time to time. I have been Googling for some reframing thoughts. It is hard to give up working hard, all day long. I never thought it would happen to me.

I tried to start pruning roses this afternoon in this 57 degrees temperature and had to give up after about 30 minutes.  At this rate, I will be pruning until Thanksgiving. On second thought, that would be an OK situation to face. 

This is a stock photo, and it offers an idea for relaxing. 



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