Partipant observer update: cancer treatment and toe and finger nails

My present pain is these damnable toe and finger nails, wanting to curl into my skin. I see the doctor today about my big toe. It is now infected and looks a little like this picture. The tips of my fingers hurt as well, but they haven't turned as far in as my big toe. 

I am taking an oral Rx GABAPENTIN 300MG CAPSULES 3 times a day: "a medicine which is used in partial epilepsy, peripheral neuropathic pain and secondarily generalised partial epilepsy." 

I have been using Rx for epilepsy for years and now I have neuropathy. Oh! Great!

As pain goes, it is insignificant, however it turns out that infections of the feet of a diabetic heal more slowly because of lack of blood flow.  

The gift of these Golden Years is waking up each morning, having access to all my senses, being surrounded by family and  friends, real and virtual, and having cognitive function so I can still learn, think, reason, problem solve and I am even getting better at conflict resolution. The greatest gift of all, however, is being shed of the mindbinding created by religious dogma. Now that is something fine!

curling toenails after cancer treatment 

I'm reading a book about anti-gravity. I can't put it down. 

via Ian Mason, Punography!

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Toenail Care – Nail Disorders Due to Chemotherapy

"onycholysis – damage to the tissue that keeps your fingernail and toenails in place."

Oh Joan,


I wonder if you should see either a podiatrist or your general doctor about removing the ingrown toenail. My concern is that it is a risk for infection.  Also pain.

Sometimes they take a wedge of the toenail and it grows back normally.  Sometimes they remove the whole toenail.  In some situations, that can be made permanent, which is a decision that would be up to you.

I saw my G.P. today and have a referral to a podiatrist. We looked at the options from the G.P.'s point of view, and will get the podiatrist's opinion. Is it not interesting that cancer of the breast can lead to ingrown toenails? Yes, our body parts are all connected. Just like everything in the universe is connected to everything else. 

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