Ok. Let's start off by introducing ourselves. And to keep things simple and neat let's use this format:

1. say your name
2. say "...and i'm an alcoholic". LOL just kidding. say what country/island you're from, especially if you're from the Caribbean.
3. say what is your status using one of the following choices:
a) atheist
b) agnostic
c) theist
d) deist
e) not sure
4. say what denomination you belong to (if you are theist - wait, are theists allowed on atheist nexus?? oops) /belonged to
5. ummm....i can't think right now, it's time for lunch. write something short about yourself, i guess

Yeah. I'll write mines after lunch! Later.

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1. brownonmyskin (clearly not the name on the birth cert. but yea)
2. Jamaica, vagabonded for a while, but in Jamaica (for now)
3. atheist
4. grew up as a Baptist minister's kid! was non-denom at one point. ( i have stories i tell u!)
5. i love chocolate??? I dunno...I hate writing/talking about myself
1. Derrick ( you know the second name)
2. Commonwealth of Dominica (not the Dominican Republic)
3. atheist
4. i was a catholic up till 15 or so, then got really into my bible. At 17 or so I became a Yahwist (it's a mix between Christian and Judaism...I'll explain later). Almost 10 years later I "upgraded" to the awesomeness that is atheism (not a religion, mind you).
5. Why did I put this question??? Well brownonmyskin, I'll follow your lead and say that me gusta chocolate ice cream.
Hi Folks!
About time I introduced myself. I'm an expatriate Canadian and former Catholic living in Barbados for the past 6+ years. Prior to that, I spent time in Guyana, and about 10 years on long and short-terms stints in various African countries. With my work I travel a lot around the Caribbean. I have seen quite a few of the islands and even have developed a (mild) interest in cricket (but ice hockey is still #1). The people of the Caribbean are great, but – as you all know, they need to lose their religion. When I first arrived here I was amazed at how religion permeates so deeply in to all aspects of life, even the workplace. A few co-workers know my religious (non) orientation and consider me somewhat of a Martian. Our staff association has a “Sub-committee on a Spiritual Affairs” and has regular prayer meetings - that should say it all. Over the past year I have come more and more out of the closet sort of speak, to the point where I felt obligated to poke fun at religion in general. I have created a (I hope) humourous blog you might have a look at. Feel free to give me any comments or suggestions, and also I’m always looking for new religious lunacy so if you know of any send it my way.
Hi I'm Dwayne, from the paradise Jamaica and I am an atheist without apology..
I was always a troubled kid growing but was very brilliant...but I had trouble with how the world was and how wicked things were and still are...But my official path onto atheism started Jan 1, 2000 as then i was expecting god to return, obviously he didn't...so i realized that the church was nothing but a fucking liar...so from there on out I started questioning everything and here I am now..
What church did you belong to, Dwayne?

In my "church" we for the most part refrained from making predictions on when the messiah would return. So the whole year 2000 thing never did much to shake our faith. Although there were those within the church who strongly felt that 2000 was indeed the end.
It was not a single church but the 2000 apocalypse was the consensus among many denominations and i was in high school and there was this one teacher/preacher who made me cry obviously i was a teenager and got scared knowing Im gonna die in a few weeks so I went to his service religiously every evening and may have gotten touch by the holy ghost a few times ..seriuosly....but later i realized it was all my mind....

my path to where i am is such a long story but i was never afraid to tell people point blank that god is just another fuckery ideology just like dragons and unicorn..
Serious mind control, brain washing, fucking with your head...glad you escaped that!
yep that's fucked up. pardon my french. while i was a catholic i was pretty scared of the "end" as well.

haha. you're right about the comparison of god and unicorns. i say to them: prove it please
1- My name is Paulette but my pet name is Maxine...
2- I was born in Jamaica but left at 5yrs old, grew up in NY..in Florida for last year.
3- I am an Atheist
4- I am also an Artist and love African Arts and culture. I have a 2yr old son at my ripe old age..a long time waiting for that special perfect moment in time...and I'm a single mom holding it down as mom n dad. I love my culture and am proud of who I am. I just wish there were more logical thinkers of Jamaican descendants. I cant wait to read what everyone else wrote...look forward to interesting conversations.
..I forgot to add that I never belonged to any theist organization...my mom had me baptized a Evangelist at birth and I went to various church with friends and family..my dad is non religious but my mom is with some church of jesus christ something or the other...since her retirement, she use to work on Sundays..lol
wow. we have a lot of jamaicans on here. so i guess there is already evidence of more and more logical thinkers coming from jamaica.
*brownonmyskin does her happy dance*

Hi Derrick......!
1. Kevin
2. Trinidad
3. atheist
4. Unfortunately i was born into Roman Catholic but was never a follower.
5. Cant think of anything to say right now because its late and i' about to get into bed.




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