jamaican dancehall artist buju banton using prayer in his court trial.

Buju banton and friends is praying and hoping god will change the jurors or jurys verdict. I am living in jamaica so I heard the jamaican news,this lady that was there supporting buju said may the blood of jesus wash over the jurors or something like that. She said god makes the final rule and will set buju free. Why do religious jamaicans like to bring god in everything. Now they turn their so call god into a juror. What do you guys think?

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What if he goes to jail?
He is going to get some time.
All that Hignorance! is what will get him time. So many people are mad with religious hysteria... what a day when we find a cure.
Buju had choices and he chooses the wrong ones. Why can't he be more like shaggy....shaggy can perform anywhere cause his lyrics is not offensive plus you never hear shaggy get caught up in any drug dealings. Buju had been in the entertainment business since the early 90s,he suppose to know the runnings by now.

I commented on the Jamaica Observer or was it Gleaner article on this same topic. That was last week, to date my comment has not been approved. Jamaicans pray too much, to the point that they really don't know what they are praying for. None of these praying people have been sitting through the court case and so they don't know the strength of the evidence. If it is that Buju is a drug dealer and the evidence shows this then god must still make him walk free? Why? I thought god was just?

More Reason and less religion is what jamaica needs.

Also! isn't Buju a Rastafarian? Who prays to Selassie? How can other people be praying to Jesus on his behalf? When praying it is important to pray to the correct person and follow the correct protocol. The administrative matters are very important in these things. If you don't get them right the prayers will not be answered or you will be ignored. Its quite simple.
lol I just thought about that,he is rastafarian,very contradictive when he prays to selassie,jesus and god too. I just heard on the news that buju is found guilty on 3 of the drug charges and found not guilty on 1 of the charge which is the gun charge. I guess god had made that decision.
Or god was just too busy to deal with this entire Buju situation today, he is tending to the earthquake in new zealand.
lol true!
Rasta is a weird christian cult.
I think that it's a lot of hocus-pocus nonsense. This is why so many of us Caribbean massives continue to remain ignorant to the facts of what's really being done to us as a whole. If something goes wrong, or, if we screw up, no problem mon, just pray to our lord and savior, fantasy white man jesus christ our slave master hiding out up in the sky. Religion has corrupted our capacity to reason and discern truth from bull shit...Still the same old same old.

Now he can pray he doesn't become someone's girlfriend in a Federal Penitentiary. Also, I'm sure there's a few gay men in there not too fond of his music too.




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