jamaican dancehall artist buju banton using prayer in his court trial.

Buju banton and friends is praying and hoping god will change the jurors or jurys verdict. I am living in jamaica so I heard the jamaican news,this lady that was there supporting buju said may the blood of jesus wash over the jurors or something like that. She said god makes the final rule and will set buju free. Why do religious jamaicans like to bring god in everything. Now they turn their so call god into a juror. What do you guys think?

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Well, it does not surprise me that he is praying to get out of this jam. However, Haile Selassie (i.e. Jesus) would not be there, he is dead. This guys have spread enough hate through their music, no amount of calling upon a sky daddy or on a dead man can help; however, he is forwarding (going) to jail. That is a reality; scene.

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He still going to prison though which means all the prayers were in vain. Sad.




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