Hi folks. Starting a discussion to track what religious nut jobs in the caribbean region are up to. To start it off I have a tragic story from Guyana about a 14-year old girl who had a seizure. Rather than taking her to a clinic or doctor, her mother tracked down her pastor to deliver an exorcism. After 5 hours of attempting to "cast out the demons" they finally took her to the hospital where she died 4 hours later. More details and additional links can be found here:




The pastor claimed that he did nothing wrong and “I just responded as a pastor of the church…Ungodly people would not understand certain things like driving out spirits”. I'm afraid we do understand pastor, it's called delusion. Sadly criminal charges are unlikely.


Let me know your thoughts.


Any more relgious idiocy out there?

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i remember this story from a recent podcast. sad really. and no one taking the fall for this BS
On a somewhat positive note, a considerable portion of the community at the funeral were calling for charges to be laid. We'll keep an eye on this one. Let's hope people think twice before entering this pastor's church.
we can only hope. but things like this get "forgiven" and "forgotten" really quickly.
I m sure there are many stories like this in Jamaica. I know of one that was not made public. Really sad.I don't even know if its ignorance or stupidity....or both??
Religion creates big problems in Jamaica, in particular by stirring up needless homophobia.
You are right Mr. A... It has gotten completely out of hand. There are the hopefuls that think things are changing and the country is becoming more accepting. I disagree.
It's both ignorance, stupidity, criminal and total disregard for the innocent and vulnerable. Religion 'IS' the opiate of the brainwashed masses. These idiot annointed fools will never be prosecuted...SAD!
Well the biggest nut job in Jamaica right now is rev Al Miller who was escorting the infamous dudus to where no one really knows...he was charged with harboring a fugitive and that fucker should go in jail for as long as possible but hey this is jamaica, and i doubt they will imprison him......
Too often the police shy away from arresting these charlatans. What's really a pisser is - rather than use his own financial resources for his defense (and he probably has milked a lot out of his flock), he will hand the collection plate arround for his parishners to pay for his lawyers.
The "Reverend" Al Miller is a charlatan. Anyone else would have borne straightway to the nearest jail but the aegis of religion prevents any such action from being taken. Appalling.
Here's some Barmy Bajans for your entertainment pleasure, first praying for the Prime Minister's health:


and second a real classic...story of demons in Edey Village, townspeople have wisely resorted to street praying rather than obtaining medical care:


I've posted some comments, let's see if the moderator will publish...
I completely skipped that praying for the Prime Minister story and was totally freaked out by the second story. Just plain weirdness....I just don't get it. *sigh*

I don't see any skeptic comments Mr Apostate, I guess they did not like what you had to say. Maybe deep down inside they know that prayer is completely useless.




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