Hi folks. Starting a discussion to track what religious nut jobs in the caribbean region are up to. To start it off I have a tragic story from Guyana about a 14-year old girl who had a seizure. Rather than taking her to a clinic or doctor, her mother tracked down her pastor to deliver an exorcism. After 5 hours of attempting to "cast out the demons" they finally took her to the hospital where she died 4 hours later. More details and additional links can be found here:




The pastor claimed that he did nothing wrong and “I just responded as a pastor of the church…Ungodly people would not understand certain things like driving out spirits”. I'm afraid we do understand pastor, it's called delusion. Sadly criminal charges are unlikely.


Let me know your thoughts.


Any more relgious idiocy out there?

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Sea Monster spotted offshore of Barbados


Looks familiar, perhaps was in a Pixar production?
i like this. naturally, its got to be a monster. as someone whose work involves studying marine life, i am never surprised by stories such as this. yet i am always amused. yes, i will admit there are still many mysteries out there in the open ocean. still many things to discover and learn. but do we begin with the assumption that what we see out there is a monster?

then this fisher says the spirit told him to move, yet forgot to tell him to lift the anchor? i guess the spirit cant go underwater or simply forgot that little point. oh yes, the spirit remembered to tell him about the anchor after he attempted to move off the first time.

sorry. i cant help but laugh. but i am curious, though, to know what it was that he really saw out there. by the way...where is the testimony of the supposed "second man" who i assume was there to witness the event as well?
Its the Loch ness monster!!! How exciting!!!
Maybe the 2nd man was eaten? I dunno.

@ Mr. A...my answer to all those things is an ipod....sometimes it can be a bit too loud, but it wards off outside preaching noise AND the random people that try to talk to me at airports. :-)
Definitely need a like button for that comment brown..., need to get me one of those shirts think i'll print on the front "When the headphones are in ears, means I still don't want to hear you"
LOL when I first saw that in the paper was saying that the reporter had to be real brave, because I personally would never put my credibility on the line putting a picture like that in the paper.

The sea monster is back, this time dead on the beach.

Barbados Sea Monster

@Derrick Theo, care to hazard a guess as to what it really is?

Yea...Where is Derrick when we need him. I can't even make the damn thing out on the picture. I think its a piece of the Kraken....lol lol
From the Caymans, local paper must be starved of news to print this:


What's the Order of Melchizedek you might ask, well you'll find them here.


yes, they're retarded.

'written exactly as presented:

“Hear ye hear ye"

Didn't realize people still proclaimed like that.
Well, if this is any indication, when you hear it (or read it) next time expect it to be followed by some retarded shit. : )
Guardian angels protect youth in Antigua:


I'm so tired of this, if the angels were doing their job why didn't they prevent the accident to begin with?
I finally found an update to my very first post on the Guyana exorcism:


It seems she died of meningitis and not a botched exorcism.


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