Hi folks. Starting a discussion to track what religious nut jobs in the caribbean region are up to. To start it off I have a tragic story from Guyana about a 14-year old girl who had a seizure. Rather than taking her to a clinic or doctor, her mother tracked down her pastor to deliver an exorcism. After 5 hours of attempting to "cast out the demons" they finally took her to the hospital where she died 4 hours later. More details and additional links can be found here:




The pastor claimed that he did nothing wrong and “I just responded as a pastor of the church…Ungodly people would not understand certain things like driving out spirits”. I'm afraid we do understand pastor, it's called delusion. Sadly criminal charges are unlikely.


Let me know your thoughts.


Any more relgious idiocy out there?

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The delusional in St. Lucia are disappointed.

Prophet Pans, People Pissed

The pastor responds with more horseshit:


Not exactly probing investigative journalism.


Hey it's not just Catholic Priests that’ll rape your kids:

Guyana Pastor rapes underage girl

Religion is often a cover for predators.

Its sad, but too many of these paedophiles use religion as a way to feed their fantasies. Nasty F*ckers!

Oddly enough, despite the vociferous homophobia prevalent throughout the Christian religion, Ricky remains a Christian.

Pastor Denounces Ricky Martin's Concert

Its kind of ironic and hypocritical a female pastor wanting to discriminate hello some theological doctrines are against the ordination of women.


Hmmm I wonder what would have been her opinion of him performing if he didn't make his sexual orientation and preferences public. Not like his performances going to be much different from before he came out. lol


Hmmm Apostate why wouldn't Ricky Martin remain a christian? Some denominations and religious house also embrace and some see no problem with homosexuality, besides that, as christian keep reminding me, religion to them is something personal and subject to your own individual interpretation and "faith". Besides if that's what Martin grew up believing I don't see why he would suddenly denounce his religion.


Hypothetically if he were to become non-religious depending on how strongly his beliefs are he'll probably go through a gradual process and experience the type of cognitive dissonance that kept him from making public his sexual orientation earlier.

President Jagdeo's "brainchild"

Guyanese Inter-religious TV Launched

Equal access for the delusional.

*sigh* indeed. I actually was of the opinion before I read that, that Jagdeo in many respects was a voice of reason among Caribbean leaders. He just lost "cool points" in my mind.
Sorry folks. Been a bit busy these past few months.
Mr. A: I'd go with the dead whale/other marine mammal theory. But who the hell knows. That's like those purported big foot or loch ness photos. Just clear enough for you to make out some sort of anomaly. Not clear enough to identify the anomaly as anything new or significant.

Possible honour killings in Trinidad. In the latest, a man (and I use that term loosely, some might suggest that he is a beast) pours gas on wife and sparks her up in front of kids. Sick bastard(s), definitely, but it's not clear if the man’s (men’s) actions were in any way encouraged or endorsed by his (their) faith. Journalists in this region in general could be a bit more probing with the Who, What, Were, When and Whys of the stories.

Trini Honour Killing(s)??





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