Hi folks. Starting a discussion to track what religious nut jobs in the caribbean region are up to. To start it off I have a tragic story from Guyana about a 14-year old girl who had a seizure. Rather than taking her to a clinic or doctor, her mother tracked down her pastor to deliver an exorcism. After 5 hours of attempting to "cast out the demons" they finally took her to the hospital where she died 4 hours later. More details and additional links can be found here:




The pastor claimed that he did nothing wrong and “I just responded as a pastor of the church…Ungodly people would not understand certain things like driving out spirits”. I'm afraid we do understand pastor, it's called delusion. Sadly criminal charges are unlikely.


Let me know your thoughts.


Any more relgious idiocy out there?

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Canadian paedophile Priest convicted of raping 16 kids. Spent 7 years in St. Lucia, activies included establishing a childrens home...hmmm, wonder how many Lucian victims?

Children’s Home Priest admits sex offenses!

This makes me so sick.

Bajan gets demoted for texting prayer

I wasn't aware people actually did this.

Wow, maybe that kind of texting works in Barbados! : )




A lesbian becomes a pastor and now wants to "convert" others to heterosexuality and Christianity. Sigh...Jamaica seems like one of the most hopeless places around, as far as religious progress is concerned. There are dissenting voices, but the threat of physical violence is always looming over their words and actions.

Looks like another example of the church preying on the vulnerable to convert them (her).




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