Hi folks. Starting a discussion to track what religious nut jobs in the caribbean region are up to. To start it off I have a tragic story from Guyana about a 14-year old girl who had a seizure. Rather than taking her to a clinic or doctor, her mother tracked down her pastor to deliver an exorcism. After 5 hours of attempting to "cast out the demons" they finally took her to the hospital where she died 4 hours later. More details and additional links can be found here:




The pastor claimed that he did nothing wrong and “I just responded as a pastor of the church…Ungodly people would not understand certain things like driving out spirits”. I'm afraid we do understand pastor, it's called delusion. Sadly criminal charges are unlikely.


Let me know your thoughts.


Any more relgious idiocy out there?

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My comments have now been accepted, #15 for the Demon story (my reference to “Black Rock" refers to the local psychiatric hospital) did not generate much reaction. #5 for the PM did result in #9 & 11, here's a sample:
"Mr Apostate
You need to repent there is a God in Heaven Jesus gave His life for us on the cross of calvary and His word tells us THAT BY HIS STRIPES WE WERE HEALED. You can put your trust in doctors I will put my trust in Jesus...
LOL! Dr. Jesus you're wanted in Surgery!
I have to give the Nation Newspaper credit for publishing my comments; attempts in the past were never published.

Well done in putting the skeptical position. I saw your published comments. Predictably they used Psalm 14:1 on you; " The fool has said in his heart there is no God." * shakes head* Not even any originality from the other side.

I blogged about the prime minister story earlier this week and my next target will be the demons business. Boy, things a been happening down there in Bim. Superstition clearly still rules things in my land.
Man that second story was something else. Why is it that these things only seem to happen to the religious? I so wish I could experience anything supernatural. Its so much easier to put the blame on someone else.
You're so right Kevin.

I like to blame things on the Leprechaun that lives in my backyard.
When I tell Christians that their beliefs are dangerous this is what I am talking about.A young girl had to die of something that modern medical science could easily had solved.Another life lost for nothing. This just upsets me.
I'm always on the lookout for regional retards, so today for your entertainment pleasure are two. First something non-religious from Belize, dildo theft:


Not many details, but begs a few questions. Also, must be quite the dildos to be worth about US$750!

Next, the power of prayer in Jamaica:


Perhaps I can entice some of you Jamaican's to submit comments to The Gleaner? It's written by an intern, so don't be too rough.
Hang on a minute...What makes these dildos so expensive? I wonder what material they are made of...They must be made of gold! Forget about its intended use! There is currently a gold shortage. *thinking I should go to Belize for a visit and buy a few of these bad boys!*

Mr Apostate, I try to submit comments all the time, the moderators never post them. Maybe I am too harsh?? I even think my IP address is blocked from the Jamaica Observer! lol
I was wondering that too. Either he stole them for (a) their value, (b) to piss off the wife, or (c) they have some other power...hmmm??? I'll investigate on my next trip to Belize.

I submitted a comment this morning and surprise surprise it has just been posted! Never give up brownonmyskin!

On another matter, other headlines in The Gleaner today proclaimed "Bolt, Powell, Gay!" I'm not familiar with Mr. Tyson Gay so, considering how homophobic Jamaica is, I really had to look twice...well three times actually.
More delussion from Jamaica:


Guess this intern reporter has been given the religious beat. I've submitted a comment, let's see if it gets posted.
The church is the answer to the problems of most Jamaicans, sometimes I think it goes so deep that there is nothing that we could say that will make people even stop and think. When I read things like this it makes me sad. *sigh*
Centuries of delusion are hard to erase, it's going to be a long struggle but us rational voices must persevere.

My inbox indicates that my comment has been accepted, but not seeing it yet on the website. My comments of yesterday have generated some rational (and some not so) responses.

This is not quite local lunacy, but an article from a Jamaican journalist who is an out spoken atheist. I always have fun reading his articles and watching the theist comments cussing him for not acknowledging the existence of god. I tried to comment on this column but for some reason I can't do it from work.

Mr A... I did not see your last comment in the gleaner on that link you posted. Maybe they had enough of you.




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