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I have been preparing by trying to get money/jewelry etc. from all the religious people I know, convincing them that they will not have any use for worldly possessions after Friday. To date, I am still poor! These people are seriously lacking in faith.

I like your idea, ask for their car keys too! There's a good one circulating on the net for post-rapture pet sitting.

You know I'm just amazed how priests/ministers/the faithful in general can say with a straight face things such as "I think people are prone to be led astray easily by fanciful theological positions..." The irony just kills me.

Not hearing much about it here in Barbados, but I’m sure the discussion is happening. If I see my favorite Fundi on Sunday I’ll be telling him it actually happened as evidenced by the missing person reports filed. 

I saw a guy who put up  a booth here in Barbados that had a big sign saying " The End is Near." I assume he was referring to May 21st, want to see if I can find him again and have a chat with him before Saturday. He might not get raptured, but I have a hunch he will disappear after the weekend.
Where's his booth?

some Rapture humour from Jesus General:

Top Ten Rapture Tips




They say that the fact that all other Gods of other religions are made up does not mean that the God of the bible is fake. Yet, the fact that all of the other predictions of Second Comings have been false means that we can equally dismiss this May 21st date as "rubbish." Am I missing something here?

Contradictory arguments and circular reasoning are part of their toolkit.

here's come folks preaching it in Guyana:

Guyanese Rapture

I wonder what time zone will get hit with this earthquake 1st? And is it better to be 'raptured' during sleep or while awake? I have alot of questions, maybe I should have contacted that Harold fellow....he seems to have the deets of this thing.

I think it's 6:00pm Pacific standard time, not sure how he figured that one out. Looks like it's designed to minimise the amount of people raptured whilst taking their morning shower.




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