This is a topic that has come up many times in Jamaica. It is accepted that the religious should rely on faith as a form of protection rather than other tangible methods.


Check out the comments on the article.

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The bible: a case of multiple personality disorder if i ever saw one. But I am no psychologist. The book can sell an idea in one chapter and refute it in the next. When chrisitians use it they sift through and take what seems to align with their already conceived notions of how the world should work and run with that. So, some commentators are well within their right to bring up scripture to fit the point of defending oneself while others are equally valid in submitting the whole "defense by faith" idea.


But I guess we can be those jerks who sit back and say to the faithful, "let your god come and save thee, oh faithful one!" and we would also be valid in making that claim. In fact that sounds like a great way to test the god of the bible (whether he exists or not). But then again the faithful would find a way to rationalize why god did not save someone.

Amen Derrick.

Isn't it ironic that a pastor, who I suppose thinks God is protecting him, carries a firearm? The firearms/religion connection seems to be very prevalent in the American bible belt too. When he was involved in "heavy business" he needed a firearm. I suspect his business remains "heavy" only this time he's duping people out of their money.


I think that even though the religious proclaim faith, deep down inside they know that faith is not enough.

true. thats the purpose of sunday church and constant prayers. they recharge the "batteries" after a long week/day of reality. then there are the apologists who come up with all manner of rationale why they believe in a god. yet, when you are in the "fold" faith is all you need.


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