How does religion or the lack thereof factor into your relationships?

Would you date/marry a Christian/Muslim?

If you choose to have children, how will you address faith and religion with them?

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speaking in tongues is scary scary shit. thank goodness i only had to witness this horror once in my life. my "church" of choice back in the day was really opposed to such fake worship.
Relationships and Religion can be a great or in my case horrible thing. to keep this short my son's mother and I were together for about 2yrs when I fully converted to atheism, we spoke about it and agreed it would not get between us. Man was that wishful thinking. about a 1yr ago one lovely morning she decided to go with her sister for a reading (Obeah man/Fortuneteller or what ever they are called). After a log day at work I returned home only to see my stuff destroyed and scattered all over. At first I thought "Ive been Robbed" and immediately went to check on my only 4 months old 42inch baby (LCD TV by the way) and it was there and untouched, so now I'm wondering, OK something is not right. After many calls and investigations I found out that this Obeah quack tells her that I have been cheating on her with someone from my job (NOT TRUE!!!) and that my mother put a curse/hex on her when she was pregnant and that is why she had problems during her first trimester. which is also not true because my family is not religious and while they believe in a god they don't go to church.

Our relationship is now ruined because of that day and my plans and expectations of a Family is over. all because she went to some random quack that took her money and told her what she wanted to hear.

Like i said before, Religion and Relationships can be a Great or Horrible thing.
Whoa...sorry to hear all of that Kevin.(not that me being sorry makes it better). Unfortunately, religious people are also superstitious. I really don't understand it. Isn't obeah and witchcraft evil? How can you believe in evil and ALSO be so attached to god and holiness.. I will never really understand it.
Wow. Ok, so let me get this straight. Was she (your ex) very religious (as in pious christian). Or was she just "spiritual"/superstitious/into that whole black magic and mysticism thing? I think she was merely very superstitious, which I would put on its own apart from religion. Although religion does foster superstitiousness. But there are atheists who believe in superstition and the "spiritual" world. Lack of belief in a god/gods does not always equate to lack of belief in superstition and the "spirit" world.

But back to the case of the ex-, I think you are right. She had an agenda she wanted to prove so she went where she could get the go-ahead to do what she wanted to do. And that's messed up. Seriously.

I guess my point is, even if you do find an atheist girl to love, this is still something that can occur. Me? My guard is always up for signs of girls I meet to make sure they do not hold too much on to their religion or superstitions (if they have any).
Having been in a long term relationship with a theist I know the pressures of such relationship. Initially in the relationship I was just discovering that i am 100% atheist and that upsets her to this day and I am puzzled as to how my decision not to believe in god affects her.

Now I only date without any immediate need for long term commitment. This way I get laid before we start talking about religion as after that I know I wont be getting any loving.




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