This billboard has been creating a lot of discussion in the US not only from believers but among some atheists who think that the statement is not totally accurate. The argument on one side is that you can't call something a scam when the persons involved are sincere in what they are doing and really have the best intentions. On the other hand there are things like pyramid schemes that most people have no problem calling scams; in those cases, many involved in selling the products really think that they work and have no idea of the deception and corruption coming from those at the top.


I can see the logic on both sides of this argument. Just wonder how you guys see it, especially in terms of how religion has been promoted, marketed and sold in the Caribbean. Have we been scammed?

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For me organized religion is a suspension of reality. I choose humanity ,philosophy, and science to regard my perception of the world and my existence, not fantasy. American atheists is an organization of atheists and my opinion that any organization of atheists id absurd, just live it, talk about it and embrace it. I think if they took a more humanist approach that the attempts at education would be more successful.

Religion in the Caribbean is firmly entrenched. I don't see it losing hold anytime soon. Reality is best seen through an educated mind, that's where the future of reason lies.

The position that "you can't call when the persons involved are sincere in what they are doing" do not apply to the proponents of religion today. Maybe back in the old days. The fact is, religion (all types)have been expose to be just myths. But the proponents pretend they have no idea; they never heard that truth, and just plow right on ahead,like snake oil salesmen, selling their myth medicine. The 'snake oil salesmen' or, I mean, apologists, who keep the belief going, know the truth. As a result, they can be considered, SCAM ARTISTS. They pretend they are sincere in what they do, they are not; they know the truth about religion. I think the BLIND BELIEVERS are the only sincere agents in the equation since that take these apologists at their word. Yes,the proponents are SCAM ARTISTS selling myths to the gullible, as actual facts.
Yes! They are all scam artists, ripping off innocent children and weak minded adults of a chance at living and enjoying a normal life. These fools should be rounded up and put in jail...Period!!!! Just my opinion.
These scam artsts really did a number on Africans, Afro Americans, Caribbean and Hispanic people. It's a crying shame, that as adults, we still choose to believe in, and forcefully teach our precious children such neanderthal archaic Slave master nonsense. I refuse to shut up and pretend that all's well on the farm...BAAAAAAA!

we've adopted the god of our masters. makes sense. smh


I still can't grasp why black people are still so religious. And not just religious, cause they had their own religions in Africa, but they adopted the religion of their masters. I mean I know why they cling to it; I know my history. But I can't believe that we as a people are not opening our eyes and thinking for ourselves. It's like the teddy bear our masters gave us to ease the burden of the suffering they inflicted is now so much a part of our personality/who we are that we can't let go of it and walk a day without the teddy to give us comfort.

You got that right Derrick. From generation to generation, we gullible brainwashed black folks continue to be a herd of sheep led to slaughter,while our slave master sits back, smiles, surveys the horrible damage done to the hapless blinded flock, and continue counting his end in sight...Hallaluja! Can I get an amen Ya'll?




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