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Recently, I had the unfortunate privilege to stay at the hospital for almost all of May. This was thanks to a traffic accident by the way. The pain and stress of the ordeal was more than enough to deal with. But I
had to go and get theists coming up to my bedside and wanting to preach the
wonderful word of Christ to me.

God Saved Me

My stay began with everyone claiming that yes it was “god” who had saved me. And that I should be grateful to god, without whom I would not be alive today. Some even went as far as saying that they had prayed that
god would do something to show me a way back to him. As far as they were
concerned, their prayers were answered. God had stopped me in my tracks and was
opening my eyes, telling me to return to the fold. Too bad they were disappointed
when I told them that I still reject their god.

I admit the accident was bad. I admit, I could have died. I admit again that I could not have saved myself from the wreckage. But I deny that it was a god that intervened. And I deny it was any particular brand of
god (in this case, they were sure, 100% positive, that the god of the bible
saved me).First they need to prove that I was saved by a god. Then they need to
prove it was their god which saved me. So far I have no reason to believe

Church Visits the Hospital Ward

There was this church which visited the ward a few time while I was there. They’d gather in the center and begin mouthing off about god, Jesus and the need for salvation. For the most part I ignored them. I had
this epic fiction novel that kept me much more entertained than that group ever
could. The group consisted of a 50-something –year-old man and about eight or
so women, ranging in age from late thirties to above fifty. They would sing for
about 20 minutes straight. Then the guy, who I assumed was the pastor would offer
a sermon on redemption and the need of Christ. He seemed to talk a lot on
topics of the end times. But, as I said, I did not follow them long enough, so
I can’t give details.

It was interesting, though to see how some of the “wilder” patients on the ward would shout out and sing “halleluyah” with the church group.

I recall, though that persons from the group would look over my way while they were doing their thing, perhaps wondering why I was not joining them and doing my own thing instead.

Debates within the Ward

When the word got out that I was an atheist I got a lot of attention from the nurses, other patients and visitors. It began with one of the ward aids. She had learned that I did not believe in god, and to her that
was the most fascinating thing ever. She had to speak with me herself. So she
came over, after her shift, and began the interrogation. Pretty soon the nurses
jumped in, then some of the patients. Their arguments were typically the same
stuff you hear from typical Christians:

How can you look at the world and how it is beautifully made and say that there is no god?

Who made you? (To which I would answer, “my mom and dad”. To which they would reply: “so who made your mom and dad”. I would reply with: “their moms and dads!”)

There were other stuff but I can’t recall right now. But these two were the most common arguments they used.

I even got into an argument about evolution. This young guy (visitor for a patient on the ward) was claiming that evolution meant that man came from monkeys. The guy even had the audacity to claim that he was training
to be a priest or something and that he had studied evolution. I was like: “WTF?”
and began laughing my ass off at the ridiculousness of it all.

Visitors from Hell?

Then there were the visitors. I’m not talking about family or friends who came to see me. I’m talking about those church folks who feel it is their duty from god to come into the hospital ward on an otherwise peaceful and
quiet Sunday afternoon and preach to the “lost”. These people have no idea who
you are. They just come up to your bed, without your permission, I might add,
and begin their spiel. Most of the time they see me reading or otherwise
occupied doing my own thing. But they don’t say to themselves they are
disturbing someone. No. They are on a mission from god. So they have every
authority to walk over and begin delivering his message. WTF? I was so pissed
at one point (well I was extremely pissed at many points) that I told this lady
to get out of my sight, that I did not even invite her over. She was obviously
surprised and immediately left the ward visibly shaken by my response (although
it was a bit tame). Although I guess I must have been much more intimidating
than my words would suggest. Haha.

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Derrick, I hope that you're now recovering OK. I enjoyed reading your account, it made me laugh as I too have experienced similar responses to my own atheism. It's remarkable that skilled and educated people like nurses can think that god might have something to do with your recovery!

Here at my office we have regular staff prayer meetings. Whenever a staff member has a death in their close (or not so close) family there are special pray sessions and staff take (paid) time off to go to the funerals of people they often don’t even know. Management never objects and perhaps it’s just an excuse to leave the office. Those that know I’m atheist regularly come by my cubicle, shaking their head with disbelief about my disbelief and suggesting that they can show me “the way.”

Regarding traffic accidents, through my work I’ve been doing some research on the subject matter in the hopes of initiating a regional effort to lower them in the English-speaking Caribbean. Roughly 1,000 persons are killed each year and about 25,000 injured like you, a big drain on the economy as a whole, and of course contributing to lots of pain and suffering such as yours.
talking of the nurses: i asked one whether she would pray for a sick patient instead of giving that patient his medicine. guess which she chose?

with all that talk of faith, medicine beats faith every time.
Makes you wonder why they even bother with several years of Nursing School.
Happy you are back, and even happier you are better. I know that if I ever have to stay in a hospital my experience will be similar if not worse. A family member of mine was in hospital recently and I was there seeing her a few times, so I can understand fully these church people that come to pray for random people they don't even know. There is just this assumption that everybody believes so they go to every bed if they can. *sigh*

@ Mr. Apostate...staff prayer meetings???!!! Madness!
thanks brownskin. :-)

hospitals are always good for some fun with theists
If that was not absurd enough, our Staff Association (something like a union) has a Spirtual Affairs Sub-committee! I'm not shitting you. WTF? : )
And I thought it was torture to listen to the person in my office that I work the closest with go on the other day about how god is his closest friend, his wife and children come second in his life...god comes first ...blah blah.

I expect him to ask me soon which church I attend. I will let you guys know how that goes down. LOL
My suggestion is to say you're a Pastafarian (member of the Church of the Flying Spagetti Monster).
I said to someone before and they thought I said RASTAFARIAN.
well this is jamaica your talking about, right?
Derrick, I'm happy u made it through the physical ordeal and "god" was sympathetic enough to let another atheist make it through an accident...lol....god my ass....

I have seen these people at the hospital all the time but I always laugh how stupid they r assuming everyone is interested in their doctrine........I was on a bus in kingston and one of the "mobile minister" was on the same and that bitch ass started his sermon right over my head and continued there for a good 1/2 hour....I eventually told him he is disturbing me so I would prefer if he go to the other end of the bus to continue is service....Oh boy...the other passenger gave me the typical stares but I didnt care.....
I'm glad i made it too. i just wish i knew which god made me live through it all. lol. i guess i will never know.

but in all seriousness, i can never understand why these people think their words about an unproven god are so valid and relevant in today's world?




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