Six people died in a fire after a robbery in Barbados last week. Its been an incident that has saddened and angered me as much as it undoubtedly has the entire country. But how can an atheist ever feel like part of the community when the government puts out announcements like this one? 

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Funny how he knows when we've been masturbating but kinda lets the more important stuff slip by. He's pretty old...perhaps it's dementia?
Wow, Jamaica has the prayer thing down to a science :). Barbados is definitely not far behind.

Pity about the prime minister. He is still a young man and hasn't had much opportunity to perform in the role that was his dream since childhood.

God has had his hands full regarding Barbados lately. I would not be surprised if another national prayer event is held on the island, this time to focus specifically on the PM's cancer . Doesn't matter the lack of impact the previous prayers or this national healing service held for him had. In the world of faith, the more God leaves prayers unanswered the more urgent the need to continue praying to him. It's like a spiritual perpetual motion machine.


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